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SHADOW GALLERY - Digital ghosts

Style : Prog Heavy / Prog Metal / Prog Rock
Support :  Promo CD - Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
7track(s) - 55minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Inside Out

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 11/11/09
Turning point in the band's career.
It is with great excitement (score of 4 years of waiting) I've crammed this new SHADOW GALLERY in my player.
And musically, everything starts perfectly with the introduction of With Honor until the arrival of the song.
Gosh, a new singer at SHADOW GALLERY, I waver ...
I go fishing for information on the net and remember that even the Didier friends of the association had discussed the death of the fantastic Mike BAKER.
In fact, Mike BAKER has "broken his pipe" (heart attack mentioned on the site) in October last year (2008).
May he rest in peace.
Mike BAKER, a founding member of SHADOW GALLERY was due to his vocal timbre made an indelible mark in the music group and I must admit that I need an effort to understand this new voice.
So here comes the time for a new SHADOW GALLERY with the position of vocalist Brian ASHLAND.
The latter lacks the treble of his predecessor, but delivers a performance of great quality, the image of perfectionism such American musicians.
Side tone of voice, reminds me of the Brian ASHLAND to ARENA singers and has therefore more to me than a voice for progressive rock. But
is SHADOW GALLERY as a group with many influences ranging from PINK FLOYD to DREAM THEATER in mind jazz fusion, progressive rock (YES, RUSH, GENESIS etc..) Performance of Brian ASHLAND is entirely ad hoc and even delectable .
The music is also inspired by Heavy votes but the glue under this reference, where the presence of beneficial choirs.
Musically, SHADOW GALLERY of SHADOW GALLERYis a formula of "The Palisse" who will speak to fans of the group.
Say SHADOW GALLERY book album art, music or instruments to give them their heart, long maturities (beyond 6 minutes) with music shimmering beaches and ease has captivated audiences flagrant.
Point-of-concept for this album back in 2009 but the themes developed in each title.
musicians, Brendt ALLMAN (guitars / vocals / bass), Carl CADDEN-JAMES (bass / vocals / flute), Joe NEVOLO (Drums), Gary WEHRKAMP (Guitars / Keyboards / Vocals / Bass) still fly the debate and leave me again (that is the 6th) admiringly. The
level is high, mixing and production quality, enough to satisfy fans of progressive metal. The
to Digital Ghosts is my humble opinion and hard more solid overall than its predecessor Room V in 2005.
And the band's discography:
1992: Shadow Gallery
1995: Carved In Stone
1998: Tyranny
2001: Legacy
2005: Room V
2009: Digital Ghosts

Finally, in conclusion, welcome presences unusual but normal in the guests group Ralph SHEEPERS (PRIMAL FEAR) on excellent Strong, Clay BARTON (SUSPYRE) shared the vocals with Carl CADDEN-JAMES to Venom, guitarist Srdjan BRANKOVIC (EXPEDITION DELTA, ALOGIA) on Strong and keyboardist Vivien LALU (SHANDRANE) on Gold Dust.
Note that sings like Ralph SHEEPERS on the last PRIMAL FEAR, that is very different than in the past and that limit is unrecognizable.

In any case, if you like the Heavy / Hard Progressif, Jazz Fusionon the Rock Progressif or you are simply curious and (its) x SHADOW GALLERY is from his first album a musical reference strongly recommended.
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FONFON The Thursday, November 12, 2009

Salut Rémi, Malheureusement l'info que j'avais concernant le 1er chanteur s'avère exacte. Bravo, pour ta chronique qui donne vraimment envie d'écouter cet album. A+ Didier.
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