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La llamada
Cette chronique a été écrite à l'origine en ANGLAIS en 2007 pour mon blog sur Myspace, avant la création du site METAL INTEGRAL....Plutôt que de vous proposer une version très mal traduite, j'ai préféré laisser la version anglaise que la majorité devrait comprendre. Merci de votre compréhension...

Gravis Records re released the two first efforts from this spanish Melodic Heavy Metal band in 2004. You will find La Llamada (2002) and as a bonus the first Demo from 1998, we could call Templarios.

I also review the last CD from the band, Desde El Silencio recorded in 2005 but released recently on Gravis (2006 in South America) and Producion Malditas (2007 in Spain).

The main difference between the two CDs is that on the last one you will find a female vocal, and on the first one a male vocal.

I would say musically it’s nearly perfect but both vocals have some limits….

Musically it’s a mixture of IRON MAIDEN, MAGO DE OZ, TIERRA SANTA and you really have excellent guitars parts! Songs are long and Epic and except the vocals that are “normal” you will have good times if you are into Spanish Melodic speed Metal with keyboards and violins. But WURDALAK is much more Heavy that MAGO DE OZ, you won’t find there the Folk influence!

Style : Spanish Melodic Heavy Metal
Artistic part (cover/booklet…): 3/5
Interest for 80’s Heavy Metal Fans: 3,5/5
Interest for Traditional Metal fans in general: 3,5/5
RASKAL The French Warrior : 14/20
RASKAL The Objective : 14/20

Date de publication : dimanche 17 février 2008