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KHMP - Evil in my mind

Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  Demo - Year : 2010
Origin of the record : Received from the band
2track(s) - 6minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 1/23/11
Heavy with the 80' s!
Native of the region Isère, Kergo Heavy Metal Project (KHMP) proposes since June 2010 first sounds MCD that uses promo to the future album foreseen for the winter 2011.
If I discovered there is well a long time the group on Myspace, the transport of the MCD between Isère and Savoie nevertheless bordering departments, put time to reach me from which this delay in the chronicle (that arrives this is not engraves but that explains this décallage in the publication of the chronicle).

KHMP is in a way a project solo of André « Deiz » KERGONNA (guitars and song) that, exhausted by various managements of groups since more than ten years, decided of all to do itself!
at last almost, since his friend Francis « Six » GEOFFROY realized the parties batteries on this two titles.

The concept that wishes to develop KHMP is a based history on the life of a Serial Killer, of his birth to his execution on the electric chair.

The envelope is dark, to the picture of the developed theme.

The Hunter reveals themselves to be a very voucher entitles of Heavy Métal « Old School » (the beginning done thought about an intro of SCORPIONS eras 84/86), but quickly that returns to normalcy very Heavy Métal and I quickly left myself caught by this simple and title effective. The song is again a not very crude and perfectible, but the released mood and the composite manner are reassuring for a fan of Heavy Métal !
Tempo medium but regulated rhythmically, refrain simplissime but good, a sound and a not huge production, but coherent with the style, brief The Hunter is more than recommandable!

Evil In My Mind will possess this small one more that some will do the better title, medium and in moods it will be more well-ventilated and "mélodique". I am just a not very skeptical one on the mixage of the keyboards on certain passages…Intéressants but for me too forward.

Difficult one to release true influences, even if the group says itself to be influenced by the IRON MAIDEN, DIO, SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST, BLAZE BAYLEY
I will say just that KHMP has the " French Touch " and diverts to his manner the 80' s…I do not take therefore the risk to say you to which group I think while listening this 2 titles.

To The final one a MCD that gives envies of some to listen more and than I encourage you to obtain you with the group (5 Euros harbor understand if I well read).

Style: Heavy Metal
Artistic Party: 3/5
Interests for the Fans of 80’s Heavy Metal: 5/5
Interests for the Fans of traditional Metal usually: 3,5/5
RASKAL The French Warrior : 17,5/20
RASKAL THE Objective: 17/20
COMMENTS FROM READERS Your comments, suggestions, impressions about the review and the album
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Volumenbrutal The Sunday, January 23, 2011

City : Bordeaux
Bien ta chro Raskal. J'ai ce deux titres depuis quelques mois déjà, et çà a été une bonne surprise. Ceci dit Deiz étant sur HardRock80, on le connait bien le bougre. Sinon, bien sur on attend son album, qui devrait nous plaire vu que le bonhomme est un bosseur! Pour les sceptiques, vous pouvez vraiment acheter ce MCD, vous aiderez Deiz pour son album.
Comment by Raskal : I thank in the passing the site Hard rock 80 on which j' found the small pocket of K.H.M.P.! Yes it is necessary that you discover this group and supported it!
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