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OTHERSIDE - No flame no sense

Style : Metal
Support :  CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Received from the band
8track(s) - 38minute(s)


Author : Chouman
Publishing date : 11/6/11
Prevalence of thrash metal
Approximate translation of the review
Formed to Marseille into 2006, OTHERSIDE brings together musicians in love with Metal. Its first line-up is composed of Stf (guitar), Dany (battery), Thier (song) and Doumé (low). After first recordings, Ludo is recruited at the beginning of 2008 as a guitarist lead, in order to thicken the sound of the group. Later in the year, Doumé is replaced by . This formation signs in 2011 No Flame No Sense.

As of the first listenings of the album, the prevalence of the Thrash Metal is binding on the listener. As example, the beach of opening Fuck Off And Fight is characterized by rates/rhythms rageurs and a howled song. It is the same of The Last or Like A Father, which adds very fast tempos to it. As for the words, they are done readily explicit, in particular “ No regrets, no remorse ” out of Flashover.

Like the Masters of the kind, who strongly influenced it, OTHERSIDE regularly proposes progressive tendencies in its titles, by means of changes of environments. On The Last, the riffs demented people of the verses are thus followed rhythmic certainly heavy, but the more ventilated. Also appearing on Easily, these very effective parts they also make think as much of Hard Rock qu ' with the one of the most famous pioneers of the Metal, BLACK SABBATH. Besides the siren which appears in intro of Fire Starter constitutes perhaps a reminiscence of War Pigs, included on famous the Paranoid (1971) of the latter?

In the same way, Easily, definitely a rich piece with many regards, opens by delicate arpeggios which point out the register of a formation such as METALLICA. The Four Horsemen indeed include this type of figures in their ballades, in particular The Unforgiven.

Lastly, the NWOBHM also exerted a notable impact on OTHERSIDE. Less present on the disc than the Thrash Metal, this component appears however undeniable on Flashover. The bridge of this title comprises imparables melodies of guitar, which constitute a true homage to IRON MAIDEN.

By integrating its many influences, OTHERSIDE thus forged an original universe. Let us wish how this very successful album allows him to meet its public in circles Thrash and beyond!
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