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Live report :  EILERA & ARKERONNConcert, Thursday, December 17, 2009, THEAstrée, Lyon, by Maud ( EILERAARKERONN )
Publishing date : 12/20/09
Author : Maud
Approximate translation of the file
" music warms the hearts of " as the saying goes! Well,
to Lyontonight, with snow falling in large flakes and -2 ° temperature, I ask no less than ARKERONN and EILERA ! And
is in the amphitheater of theAstréeon the campus of Doua, that two groups will perform for free.
The atmosphere at the scene on arrival was quite strange because the fifty people this is already quietly sitting in this huge auditorium, in a religious silence and without any music ...
last sound is heard!
The introduction ofARKERONN started the concert can begin.
Despite the discreet welcome shown by the public, the five members seem determined to convince us through this energy from the very first track, where the catchy chorus and the first solo ofAnathema giving a clear tone of the concert : this is melodic, technical and energetic, it will be brief "prog prog prog"!
Tonight ARKERONN is motivated as ever: the four musicians before sweeping the main stage of the amphitheater on its entire width, and it will take more than a small technical problem at the sound of the rhythm guitar to cool. A little improvisation
ofAlexandre to Romain to keyboards and drums later (including a cover of the theme very agreeable to Pirates des Caraïbes), the over set resumes with beautiful always the same energy, both in their compositions than in their game stage .
Some might even say they are too, but they all take a real pleasure to play all five.
I feel a real complicity between these five guys and that's all that counts!
The set is nearing completion. Although
(too) quiet, the public wants more, and it is a recovery of KAMELOT, Center Of The Universe that the group will deliver us with a pleasant surprise to find Stéphanie of NAOS group for a duet with Fabien, the singer, guitarist impressive that gives back for almost an hour.
The two voices blend beautifully, and again it's nice to see all the little people take so much pleasure!
I'm now an appointment for their next dates to Lyon, with this time I wish them a public stand and completely let loose on these tracks that never fail to make people want to move my head!
The auditorium was plunged into silence confusing.
In this atmosphere so quiet, so quiet, the change of plateau between the two groups seems to last an eternity!
Besides impatience to see EILERA seized from the scene, I can not wait to get out of this oppressive atmosphere ....
Finally, the introduction is heard and the musicians ofEILERA take the stage, greeted again timidly.
From the first notes, a new atmosphere is needed.
No keyboards at EILERA, all will be accompanied by their samples administered by drummer Yoann providing orchestral sounds, electronics and vocals.
Beats are less technical, but guitarist Loïc will also deliver beautiful solos throughout the set (also commend his professionalism when at second piece, he breaks a string and Exchange guitar in record time, not interfering in any way the current track and thereby increasing the incident altogether unnoticed).
The warm voice of the singer (whose name is another thatEilera) provides an absolutely captivating dimension to songs of the group.
Beyond an apparent fragility, it is given to flights and some pretty sharp sometimes flirting with the limits of hoarseness.
Again, this is a group endowed with a real energy that is changing before our eyes. Everyone is like
owned Could it be the bewitching atmosphere that emanates pieces, or simply the pleasure of finding all four on stage?
In fact, I learn at the end of their concert bassist Jan is Finnish, and still lives at Helsinki.
It is therefore an occasion quite special to see them tonight on stage together, and the pleasure they take us very well communicated.
The public now seems a little more receptive and more willing to accompany the group when Eilera calls us to sing with her on the chorus of Fly.
The singer impressed by her voice of course, but especially by its simplicity and attitude.
It was with a small braid in her hair, a green tunic and a smile that it will fully start the first song until the end of Back To The Essentials, the extra track that the public demands their After about an hour and a half set.
Once again, I conquered. Deeply
of them again with songs from their new album (released the same day on the Internet) and who knows, maybe one day with keyboards and / or violin in their line up ?
I'll await you in every case.
ARKERONN and EILERA have thus fulfilled their mission.
Clearly the public is conquered, even if it is unfortunate that these two groups that have an incredible talent both on stage and on CD have been received so timid.
But it is true that it is never easy for the public to drop to 100% in room configuration of an amphitheater.
haunted him the next dates of these two groups, the appointment is worth to be taken.
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Maud The Wednesday, December 23, 2009

City : Chambéry/Lyon
Merci beaucoup Raskal ;)
Raskal The Monday, December 21, 2009

Bravo à Maud pour ce Live report très vivant et ces superbes photos !!!! ...et bravo à Rémi pour la mise en page !!!
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