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REVOLTONS - Underwater bells

Style : Prog Heavy / Prog Metal / Prog Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
15track(s) - 58minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
My Graveyard Productions

Author : Phil "KOB"
Publishing date : 5/26/09
Heavy strapping man…
When j' in my possession promotion Cd of this Italian group classified in the Heavy Métal I had said myself: go, still coltinons us one enième substitute of Luca TURILLI and its band, formations which flower with the four corners of this country. And well I was heavily misled because REVOLTONS chose a quite different way carce group would be rather inspired by ANGEL DUST even VICIOUS RUMORS, c' is to be said one Heavy tinted of progressive parts who weigh down the matter.

This group proposes of very safe of l'easy listening, in a desire d' spirit which dissociates mass…
These musicians made from this Underwater Bells a success which makes them mark points in the small world of the Métal. Solos of guitars s' in triturages handles stretch which make appreciate with its right measurement this so important instrument in our music preferred. The song is him also of excellent content, which does not waste anything and Andro control its body by modulating perfectly the variations which make it go up in the acute ones without any difficulties and especially with accuracy.

Underwater Bells proposes with l' obviousness a heavy at the same time melody, race and powerful which picks in the most interesting plans that this kind can include/understand. Still an excellent discovery sent by My Graveyard Productions which becomes with our greater pleasure a provider privileged of cds still unknown but which largely deserves that l' one s' there leans of good nearer.

Fans of Heavy with l' Too simplistic Allemande, to go your way, this disc is much more than that, it takes along her listener towards horizons metal and jointly favourable with the daydream, a quite beautiful challenge all in all to be strongly encouraged by your votes…
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