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HOLY CROSS - Under the flag

Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  Promo CD - Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Received from the band
10track(s) - 51minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Pure Steel

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 9/6/09
Defenders of the faith!
Here he is finally the first album of HOLY CROSS, one of the big hopes of the Heavy Metal traditional French! After
demo (well two since there was a welcome change of vocalist in between), HOLY CROSS presents Under The Flag, released on German label PURE STEEL ! Coup for the young Etienne who will fly their flag and the territory of Heavy Metal Underground fans worldwide!

I think something is missing in this package to seduce me 100%, but the content will happily pure joy from beginning to end!
production is equal to what one would expect from a CD sold by a label, with bonus studio mastering to Finnvox.

Those who possess DVD Live At The Firmament 2007 (and of course those who follow the band on stage since their debut) have already seen seven of the ten titles:

Iron Horse, Twilight Of The Gods, The Last Survivors, Holy Cross (four tracks on the demo), and than The Fortress Of Asgard, Gates Of Time and Hel The Damned.

For the influences here are the key for me, they will more or less accentuated depending on the securities; BLIND GUARDIAN (day Battalions Of Fear 1988 and Follow The Blind 1989), RUNNING WILD, ACCEPT/ UDO, WIZARD (Germany) MANOWAR ! The

to Mickaël CHAMPON song is really good, it has adapted to the requirements of Heavy Metal, which initially he officiated in a more "modern". There is surely more work to be done to focus, but for a first album that I know few will be disappointed!
Guitarists Loïc CHALINDAR and Adrien LIBORIO are actually thought leaders of the group, and they really have fiber " Heavy Metal " because they bind to riffs effective with the regularity of a metronome. The solos are not forgotten and ultimately saw the production, this is a Under The Flag to Headbanguer real machine! I'm sure the cousins will be amazed and surprised! Twilight Of The Gods, Iron Horse, Holy Cross are glaring examples.

The three new tracks are very good King In Hell, Lightning From The North with the excellent work of a superb publication that airs out the album and Return To Asgard, more direct and Heavy.

To critics 'negative', very few actually, just a Return To Asgard ton below and refrain from The Last Survivor more than I saw with the chorus "warriors" as a song rather acute. The rest is perfect to my ears! Bravo!

Note participation in "guest" Chitral SOMAPALA singer CIVILIZATION ONE (or ex AVALON FIREWIND among others) and Pierre Emmanuel PELISSON (CIVILIZATION ONE HEAVENLY and ex) on bass.
Last Info friend Bebert (bass) decided to leave the group a month ago. C'est un jeune bassiste de Chambéry (quand on vous dit que c'est la ville la plus métal au monde !), Benoit VICARINI qui l'a remplacé ! All

of Heavy Metal à la 80’s fans, but played with its current HOLY CROSS and will love her more personal style from the first album. LONEWOLF and soon with WOLF'S GANG, HOLY CROSS is the present and the future of our preferred style for sure!

At this price you offer me the last ADX + SATAN JOKER + the last the last KILLERS or Under The Flag ... I did not hesitate ... this will be Under The Flag !

Style: Heavy Metal
Party Art: 3.5 / 5
Interest to Fans of 80’s Heavy Metal: 5 / 5
Interest in traditional metal fans in general: 5 / 5
RASKAL The French Warrior : 18/20
RASKAL Objective : 18/20
COMMENTS FROM READERS Your comments, suggestions, impressions about the review and the album
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-Metalmaster- The Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Album acheté samedi dernier sur le stand METAL INTEGRAL au concert de NIGHTMARE (et dédicacé par les 2 gratteux qui étaient présents, très sympa au demeurant), et ça y est, je l'ai écouté 2 fois, donc je me suis fait mon avis: c'est carrément EXCELLENT!! Dès les premières notes, j'ai reconnu une très forte influence de WIZARD (notamment par la voix qui en très proche) et REBELLION aussi, enfin, le métal teuton, quoi! Et P....N!, ils sont pas ridicules, les HOLY CROSS, loin de là !!! Que ce soit les rythmiques, les soli, la section rythmique ou même la voix (super-rare d'avoir un groupe français de ce style avec un chanteur qui tienne vraiment la comparaison avec la scène internationale, et là, ils l'ont!), ou la prod et le mix, je suis carrément bluffé! Bon, y'a bien quelques passages ou chansons un peu moins rentre dedans ou quelques sons de grattes que j'aurais aimés plus incisifs, mais j'écris ça vraiment pour chipoter. Sans blaguer, ça me fout vraiment la banane de savoir qu'un groupe français de ce niveau porte aussi haut le flambeau du heavy metal qui m'a vu grandir. alors, longue vie à HOLY CROSS !!!
-Metalmaster- The Monday, September 14, 2009
LOL! J'aime bien la distinction au niveau des notes! Y'a "RASKAL The French Warrior" et "RASKAL L’Objectif" !!
Comment by Raskal : Yep! Good on this column can not say it has changed many things .... both agree:))
darkvampirmel The Tuesday, September 8, 2009

City : Gray
OUi je confirme sa a l'air bien.... et loic avec sa belle quete ptdr il comprendra.... j'atten l'album
Norde The Sunday, September 6, 2009
T'as fais vite, délais respectés ! tu auras les droit à une bibine la prochaine fois ! ;) En tout cas ça met l'eau à la bouche cette chronique !!!
Comment by Raskal : It was a pleasure for the booze I'll remember (finally a Coke for me Lol)!
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