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BRAINBOGS - Chinese democracy

Style : Metal
Support :  MCD - Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Received from the band
6track(s) - 23minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 9/10/09
On the road to success ...
Approximate translation of the review
  BRAINBOGSis a German trio recommended by our friends atWOLF'S GANG.
And I must admit thatEP6 titles convinced me of the potential of this training.
Okay, I'll remove the only negative point for me, walk to beach 6 entitledThrough The Firethat I did not like at all because too stale with a guitar and a song boring.
in the slow range 5Girl Of My dreamsis not a great success but it leaves much drag in the ears.
Rest 4 titles of great qualities that peering into the metal (excellent sound and great guitar), the trash to METALLICAorMEGADETH, all sprinkled with delicately on delectable choruses.
The Group also borrows neo metal parts and some keyboards round off the corners well.
short, this music is inspired and Chris , which served as guitarist align riffs onriffschiseled chiseled.
As for her singing, a trifle"underground", he listens with malice.
Behind this square with Tobias barrels toLaziand the bass is much more than a figure head!
We also entitled to a full close to CLASHthat would have replaced the clear sound of guitars with a metal ... Strange and funny as successful! (Strange Little Girl). And
more, the trio provides on scene as witnessed by the myspace video onhitThe Threat.
The group chose the EPfor the same title as the lastGUNS 'N ROSESa site on a metal is not supposed to react.
Although it seems to be an antonym slipped somewhere ...
I mention this just to say that the production of this opus is better than the latest guns and roses! And compared with
budget is impressive!
short, I loved the first 4 titles and BRAINBOGSbet is on the road to success, as well asWOLF'S GANG in a different style.
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