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POWERFUL - Welcome to the slaughterhouse

Style : Thrash
Support :  Promo CD - Year : 2007
Origin of the record : Received from the Label

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
My Graveyard Productions

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 12/29/07
Powerful is not successful!
Approximate translation of the review

What could I say about this Italian band….? Yes it’s powerful no problem with that!

Yes there are great musicians playing solid Heavy Metal / Thrash music! Yes there is a good production! Yes there are plenty of really killer riffs! BUT!

But…I can’t stand the singing…Sorry but really too much high pitched and even false on some part…Definitively unbearable from the first song…

And that’s a shame cause most of the musical parts are excellent!

The other problem I noticed is the different musical directions from POWERFUL…sometimes “actual” Judas Priest, sometimes Overkill, sometimes Slayer and even 80’s Melodic Epic Heavy Metal on the great Screams of Blood (my favourite song)!

So I will take this CD for a first effort and expect much more better singing qualities on the next album!  

But if you like the voice you will surely be crazy about this CD.  

Style : Powerful Metal

Artistic part (cover/booklet…): 2/5 

Interest for 80’s Heavy Metal Fans: 2,5/5

Interest for Traditional Metal fans in general: 2/5

RASKAL “The French Warrior” gives : 11/20  (because of the song “Screams of Blood)

RASKAL “The Objective” gives : 10/20

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