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BON JOVI - The circle

Style : Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Bought
12track(s) - 52minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 


Author : Ben
Publishing date : 12/8/09
Jon ritchie, tico and david ...
I just realized that this is ... 25 years that I listen again and again BON JOVI (and I'm not alone)! Apart from the fact that time passes broadband version, another finding that can not jump for us "young" lovers: the band at Jon is still in front, always on the go, album after album. I will not give you the stroke of the pen lead to chronic recording (there are plenty among the studioalbums, live, pirates, DVD, etc. ...), this album is more deserving than another ... Out with about BON JOVI ! Too long, tedious and school, and too complicated for those who shudder of pleasure, once again, listening to this new album!

Jon, still as charismatic and top modeled, photographed always to his advantage (giving the impression that the passage of time alter any of this angel face and the physique of a young first met!), Accompanied by his faithful musicians Ritchie ( guitars), Tico (drums), David (piano / keyboards) and the last fifteen years bassist Hugh McDONALD (which ironically is almost never does on the official or line up photos of the band!) offers us a month before Christmas , The Circle. Once again, the question we reserved BON JOVIbehind this pouch that resembles a movie poster of "we return from the beyond and we have plenty of stuff to tell. Keep the faith, the friend (e) s. At the end of the tunnel Light. You see the shot, OK... (not really terrible, like every other cover besides, it must be to admit).
Luckily, the clothes do not make the man! Musically, it is to blow the light (like what the cover ...). 12 compositions steeped in Rock US, melodic and inspired bet value by mix production and ad hoc, some co-written by Billy Falcon, John SANKS and a faithful among the faithful: the great Desmond Child. The rhythms are simple but warm, round as a good country bread, with reminiscences marked as under Bullet and drumming very Keep The Faith or Livin' On A Prayer for the bass line on the under Work For The Working Man. Ritchie works beautifully on its very soli Rock (Happy Now). The keyboards and piano Davideven if relatively quiet, warm room support this. And then the voice of Jon, unmistakable ... I go on? Live Before You Die and orchestration, as mid tempo may recall Bed Of Roses. The poignant Learn To Love. The hit We Weren't Born To Follow. A
to U2 air lurks as crouching in the shade (When We Were Beautiful, Superman Tonight, Brokenpromiseland, Fast Cars). Some passages may recall lost Lost Highway (2007), the slope Country "I cross my beautiful country up a guitar in the back" and less. Yes, really, there's plenty to enjoy and rejoice on this album! Some

fans for the first time have probably won the son of the last decade (since roughly 2000 and the album Crush), even long before, others continue the musical journey with the group, with destinations not always consistent their expectations. But no matter, those who read this column and a positive nod of the head, did not abandon the group en route. And listen to me again and again from BON JOVI ... 25.
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Manu The Thursday, December 10, 2009

City : Strasbourg
Assez d'accord avec Rémifm. "Have a nice day" était un album réjouissant rempli de hits bonjoviesques. Ce dernier opus me semble beaucoup moins percutant, voire insipide. Je n'en retiens rien.
Alain The Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Cher Raskal, mis à part les vieux hits, Bon Jovi est encore de temps à autre capable de nous fourguer des titres impeccables et irrésistibles. "It's my life" sur Crush est ultra millimétré mais Dieu que c'est bon ! Vite, un brushing.
Rémifm The Tuesday, December 8, 2009

City : Chambéry
En effet, depuis Crush, BON JOVI a changé... Enfin, depuis These Days même !!! Cela dit, sur la période 2000, le groupe a livré en 2005 un Have A Nice Day réjouissant... Quant à ce dernier, il n'est pour moi que désolation même si Desmond Child remonte un peu le niveau de certaines compositions... Bref, pour ce coup là, BON JOVI joue un Rock US assez plat pour moi et entre le réchauffé des influences citées et justes de la chro et l'ambiance U2esque... Je décroche !!! BON JOVI souffre sur cet album d'un net regain d'inspiration... Quant aux claviers, si le groupe ne joue que le dernier album sur scène, David n'en prendra qu'un et ne sera pas obligé de le brancher tout le temps, ça fera des économies d'électricité... Et ça, c'est bon pour la planète, comme dit mon amie Evelyne D ! Belle chro, bzzz
Raskal The Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Runaway !!!!! In And Out Of Love !!!!!!! Moi aussi j'ai eu ma période BON JOVI ! Allez "Ben", qui sait, BON JOVI à Chambéry dans quelques années !!!!! Living in a Praaaaaayyyyyeeeeeer !!!!
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