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SKURL - Le salut de nos âmes

Style : Dark / Gothic / Doom / Stoner
Support :  Demo - Year : 2010
Origin of the record : Received from the band
9track(s) - 41minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Author : Ben
Publishing date : 4/8/10
In our souls bereaved
Available for free download on its site, Le Salut De Nos Ames démo is the second musician alias Renaud SKURLLyon, containing 3 tracks reworked its first demo, Rejoins Les Ombres (2008). SKURL (we call it that!) Has also worked in the company of another project on C. Darkwave instrumental: OUR SCARS.

SKURL is a "self-entrepreneur"! Author of text, 9 compositions, singing, bass and guitar, programming drums, production, from A to Z in sum, he self-managed and do any necessary constraint. The hands and mind free, it offers through its 9 tracks, walk through the art world or Métal lines the fringes of a more or less Gothic Dark. The range is certainly dark, but SKURL, with his mastery of style, which avoids the sometimes murky atmospheres have saddled the genre. The texts are also in the same vein, about conveying committed. My preference goes to the lyrics sung in French, where he alternates clear voice and guttural voices limit (Dédales, Le Poison (or the accompanying on vocals Lucie), Dans Une Autre Vie, Personne, L'Arbre Lune and Le Salut De Nos Ames), bringing a touch of "literary" compelling personal (SKURL adopts Baudelaire (Le Poison) and Verlaine (L'Arbre Lune) wisely!). The phrasing and the vocals of Dans Une Autre Vie and Personne us closer to a Nicola SIRKIS ( INDOCHINE when flirting with fashion Gothic!). The resumption of worldwide hit Touch Me, from Samantha FOX, makes me think about it vaguely that at that time in Alexander KRULL and ATROCITY : Werk80. Judas and Promised Land, are the 2 tracks sung in English. The démo ends with a catchy title, Le Salut De Nos Ames, melody shady, text acids, or Révérend Patrick votes poses an Episcopal belch a Latin text, accompanied by bells "for whom the bell tolls". Being around the block compositions, the production captures the mood. The succession of quiet passages and passages more aggressive, driven by a set of guitars properly controlled and a catchy rhythm (the programming of the battery is still sober) attest to the quality of writing overall.
The salvation of our souls is freedom! Truly, the Mass is said!
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