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THE SLAUGHTERS - The avenger

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  Demo - Year : 2010
Origin of the record : Received from the band
3track(s) - 16minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 7/23/10
Good and less good ...
Here is a new group South West comes in with a record Heavy Metal in the 80's epic! 89 153 and 89 253 respectively, bassist and guitarist Dan (see reviews on this website) have decided to stand on their own feet and create a group? Phil 's biography tells us that WARMIND wrote to 80 minutes of compositions (I imagine sixteen titles or 5 minutes) ... in four months!

THE SLAUGHTERS The first was recorded in May 2010, The Avenger!
Three titles that I imagine to be representative of the style desired by the group are offered to my ears! démo

First observation remains in the niche

, production, singing and interpretation, while smelling the first THE SLAUGHTERS to " Underground"! démo The first track, Old School is the shortest and most direct route, and it gives me exactly what I expect from a group that is faithful to the 80's and the 891 653! The pace at

is noticeable but well suited to the personality of the group. The Avenger Melodic, aggressive, dynamic, and catchyUnderground ! Super! 892 053 The same, more and worked a little better product will be a very good IRON MAIDEN on a new album! 892 253 The following two titles are longer (6 minutes on average) and this is the "epic" of the group that is highlighted. 892 353 Unfortunately the second title, is well below
at all levels ... It's disappointing, because after Heavy Metal , I'm the perfect ... 892 653 892 753 but only the musical parts and save his guitar flat and as such ... As interest in singing is tolerable limit is 892 853 ... fortunately most successful, with an excellent foundation for title ... Yes, the basics, because if all listen very well, if the group has set the time strong and quiet times of the long title, I feel that with more rigor and finishes, this title might be excellent! It will only be "good" for the moment. 892 953 It is the first
and what I hear is at an initial Hit a French group that plays with passion ...

893 353 remains to the ambitions of the group for me to be more specific in my comment ...

If the group Dream "fame and career" ... it is not won and it will take more next time, to be out "above" ... The song is often limited, and lack of fluidity on the musical parts, among others. 893 553 If the only purpose of the group is to have pleasure and delight fans of If I Don’t Wake Up Tomorrow , then yes, there is much to be confident for the future ... but it is a bit tight at the moment to really stand out. The AvengerMy rating reflects the second title that is well below the other two. 893 853 893 953 The sale is 5 euros + shipping (not a CD that is machined and a box end with a démo copy in color) which seems a bit expensive, when the MCD is sold 6 894 153 euros including shipping for 6 tracks and is a real CD ...
Style: Artistic 894 353 894 453 Part: 4 / 5 894 553 Interest 894 653 of the Fans: 4 / 5 894 753 Interest in traditional Metal Fans in general: 3 / 5 894 853 894 953 Raskal: 15 / 20

The Last Stand Raskal Objective: 13/20
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