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MANILLA ROAD - After midnight live

Style : Epic Heavy Metal
Support :  CD - Year : 2010
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
5track(s) - 44minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Shadow Kingdom

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 8/11/10
After ... forever!
 A 89 053 89 153 History page! Imagine yourself as
American student originally fromHeavy Metalto

, an evening of listening to radio in December 1979 Wichita Kansas... Like some nights you have the chance to listen to groups that come into play during aKMUWhour L ... 'show is called ... 89 853 89 953 891 053 That night the group announced a strange name ...
that evening the trio will perform his very first title until three o'clock in the morning ... The whole concert will be recorded, but time , moves ... did that only Livehad been recovered, it is the second part of the concert (of course like to cut theAfter MidnightU.S. by many pages of ads).

is at the time of DJ(2002), MANILLA ROAD ( K7/Tape of the iconic band) began to restore these tapes that had suffered throughout these 30 years ... IfFootballof the notes of booklet, the first concert was part of securities that would appear on their debut album,
, the second part contains only unreleased tracks which were never released on a support (except Mark Of The Beast but it was on the first 892 153 892 253 appointed (three titles). 892 353 892 453 These titles, Mark ,leaderand

. 892 853 Listen to this album is at the heart plunge 70's ( Invasion is not far!) and the roots of this group mythical today! 893 053 The sound is exactly the one that left the young student radio Herman Hill a night in December 1979, and frankly it's moving and touching to discover that these tapes an invaluable resource for all fans group! 893 253 Presenter speaks to démo K7 (Tape) after the titles and launch the new title, type of issue that existed at a time with about 893 453 893 553 893 653 ... And AnnouncesUndergroundtitles in an almost "
" like Chromaphobia... Life’s So Hard What about composition? Pentacle Of TruthMagic, exhilarating, spellbinding, brilliant, rich, 70's, long,Dream Of Peace,

, Jimmy HENDRIX, authentic and indispensable!

Although I'm not a big fan of the latest albums of Wichita, as there j ' I immediately fell in love and I want you do not spend near this masterpiece restored perfectly, to offer sound quality that sticks to the event without distorting!
brings me almost wish this package too far from what comes out of this album, I saw something more "true", "authentic", why not a few pictures that adorn the booklet? Sherry AVETT is the student that I could be on the side of France Inter, will turn off the radio and make dreams, lulled by the melodies of this very nice little group called 895 053 895 153 ... Who knows may be he does succeed to an album and make a name ...Jean Louis FOULQUIERalbums released Also on the label vinyl
. 895 453 Style: 895 553 895 653 Part Art: 3 / 5 895 753 Interest 895 853 for Fans of: 5 / 5 895 953 Interest in traditional Metal Fans in general: 5 / 5 896 053 896 153 Raskal: 19 5 / 20 896 253 Raskal Objective: 19/20
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