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AURA - Deliverance

Style : Prog Heavy / Prog Metal / Prog Rock
Support :  MP3 - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
10track(s) - 54minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Spider Rock Promotion

Author : Ben
Publishing date : 4/6/11
More qu' a simple breath!
Giovanni TROTTA (song/battery), Angelo CERQUAGLIA (low), Giuseppe BRUNO (guitars) and Francesco DI VERNIERE(keyboards) are the 4 Italian architects of this new album of AURA, making followingA Different View From The Same Side diffused in 2008.

Concept album reporting the course d' a traveller in Israel and Palestine and his reflexions on the Christ and the Redemption, Deliverance explores, through these 10 compositions, one Rock Progressif /Néo-Progressifmelody (In My Memories, Egypt's Call, The Bridge Of Silence, the superb instrumental final titleResurrection) of the 70' S jusqu' at the last decade. 70' S, the group picked in sonorities of the keyboards/piano pointing out ELP, even their fellow-citizens ofPFM. Often grandiloquent, sometimes wiser, they n' in do not remain less one omnipresent element throughout l' album, giving the counterpart to the guitars or nappant in solo of the circling passages. The guitars, electric and/or acoustic ( The Arrival ), bring a key Hard /Métalto l' together, making body - agreements with the keyboards (A Candle's Dream), igniting unrolled finally the not very complex one but alarm of the rhythmic one. Some soli splendid ( In My Memories ) brings us closer d' oneNick BARRETT( PENDRAGON ) and of its infinite melody sensitivity. A modern key d' one SPOCK'S BEARDn' is not to exclude, as on l' instrumental Efraim. 90' S, we think then of this qu' had produced the Swiss ones ofCLEPSYDRA , even Italian d' EPICA(not to be confused with the Dutch group of Métal symphonic taken along by beautiful the Simone SIMONS!). Glossier in its structure, The Glorious Day dissociates whole somewhat. Moderating its ardour,AURAcan also harmonize softness and appeasing ( The Arrival, the longest title of l' album, with its more than 8 minutes, l' intro of The Last Stand, A Candle's Dream,The Bridge Of Silence). The song, in English correct, pleasant, clear, eloquent and is balanced (not here d' rises grinçantes in the acute ones), without never separating its sobriety.
realized Again by l' italo-Chilean artist Claudio BERGAMIN, l'artworkis as for him sumptuous and very esthetics.

If the music of AURA can sometimes appear passeist, by place naive, it n' in remainder not less than these 10 new compositions quickly become captivating, posting high and clearly freshness and constancy. Solid and well reality, AURA then becomes more qu' a breath, more qu' a mysterious and occult emanation.
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