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DOOMSWORD - The eternal battle

Style : Epic Heavy Metal
Support :  CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Bought
9track(s) - 43minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : Alain
Publishing date : 4/9/11
Approximate translation of the review
Often the Heavy Metal seeks to express feelings of size and (too much) often, to reach that point, the groups have recourse to the higher bid: grandiloquent choruses, pompeux arrangements, overload of the riffs. The Italians of DOOMSWORD have from the start selected a warlike concept but always knew to turn the back on the claim and excesses to tell their stories of warriors, pride, combat. Of its first démo, Sacred Metal (1997) with this new album, the group produced albums inflated of one Heavy Metal to the tempi media or slow, with the completely irresistible breath epic: Doomsword (1999), Resound The Horn (2002), Let Battle Commence (2003), My Name Will Live On (2007).

The Eternal Battle inserts the nail by preserving an extremely high qualitative level. Where MANOWAR drowns in its own grease and décrédibilise through claim, DOOMSWORD seizes the standard which the Americans proudly carried on their four or the first five albums and take on board the listener in a epic and melody odyssey. Arrangements (choruses, keyboards, acoustic guitar) are judicious and relatively moderate, essence remaining purely metal interpretation. Let us quote in particular riffs dry and soli impeccably built and melody ones (one is sometimes in extreme cases of the traditional influences without never pouring in the sterile demonstration), the song engraves, buckled and austere, the excellent parts of battery which confer a constant dynamism on tempi the again moderate ones.

Honnêtement, so to the listening of Wrath Of The Gods, Eternal Battle or The Fulminant, you do not launch out in one headbanging with the fist raised well high, it is that you are unworthy of listen of the Heavy Metal : neither more nor less! DOOMSWORD rises at the level of the combatants of which he sings the praises. Masterly!
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Raskal The Monday, April 11, 2011

Merci de donner envie d'écouter cet album et surtout de faire découvrir ce groupe à ceux qui ne le connaissent pas encore ! Vu au KEEP IT TRUE en 2003 j'avais pris un claque et les mecs étaient vraiment cool et abordables ! Un des groupes qui ont une énorme réputation en Europe (du Nord notamment ainsi qu'en Grèce ou en Italie) sauf en France....Messieurs les tourneurs voilà une première partie de qualité !!!
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