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SILVER - Dream machines

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2002
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
10track(s) - 42minute(s)

Label(s) :
Point Music

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 3/19/08
SILVER is a formed group of artists to the passed and glorious present.
Gary BARDEN(former- MSG, STATETROOPER, PRAYING MANTIS ) occupies the post of singer, Bernie TORME(former- GILLAN, OZZY OSBOURNE, DESPERADO ) plays the guitar, Don AIREY(former- OZZY OSBOURNE, WHISTESNAKE, GARY MOORE ) is at the keyboards,Michael VOSS( DEMON DRIVE, CASANOVA, MAD MAX, former- BONFIRE ) takes care of the low one, Marco MINNEMANN(former- H-BLOCKX) holds the sticks and the battery.
The presentations being done, I signal you just that this Dream Machinesis the second opus of the group.
Sounds predecessor, all so delightful one took out in 2001.
Detail if you want it well this small musical jewel.
THE album starts up with very voucher, the balanced good Silver Dream Machine.
I right away think about the better one of DEEP PURPLEversions 90'.
what hits with entry is the musical cohesion, the choir quality (sumptuous), and a Gary BARDENabsolutely astonishing one in a more put register.
Know that these positive remarks hold true for the body of the 10 showing off compositions.
Arrival next Head Or Heart and his introto the FOREIGNER, a gauged title Rock-FM, to the huge refrain, a stuffed title of feeling, with this keyboard sometimes piano, sometimes modern and a solo of perfect guitar.
THE album continues in the even vain one with Chains ; the shadow of the deep crimson is not far, a side FMwhat's more! Superb!
When starts upNever Again , I already am filled with admiration, and the intro synthé indicates me that I did not finish to take my foot! A tube in power, sort of musical perfection… An I do not know what me titille the ear and I feel come waves of the years 80'. As if the New-Wavehad inspired, in the creation, our musicians.
HAS the reading of the bio, I notice myself that Andreas BRUHN (former- SISTERS OF MERCY ) has certain co-écrit titles. This explaining therefore that. The title Forever arrival next, intropianos, rhythmic mid -tempo, line of song hyper mélodique, indescribable refrain, omnipresent keyboards, the choirs take me to the 7th sky, the emotion to the pure state, this is a dream, the guitars come to pull out what remains me of living, and these voix…STOP! ! ! Completely groggy the Rémifm , stunned. I do a pause.

The continuation is called Banished , a terribly effective title, and inspired tragedy of September 11 2001. Perfect in all point. And as if that sufficed not, lands a new one OVNImélodique called Lovin’You, tubeHard-FM to the catchy refrain, syncopated rhythmic better effect and always melodies, choirs and arrangements that type just.

Far Below Zero , equally inspired events of September 11 2001, possesses an extremely powerful refrain. The big one DEEP PURPLE done reference, RAINBOW also. Which intelligence in the writing! Which mastery! It remains me 2 titles has to listen and little imports their quality, this album already deserves his first place to the podium! Finish with Found Me Another Oneand an inspired guitar in background by U2, I think about the rock one of Bryan ADAMS, the guitar solo is superb. Always in melody quest, the album concludes itself withShe Came, and this mood very crimson, the keyboards and this organ sound (Moog) supporting the body.

The production and the mixage are perfect. What Else?
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