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SCORPIONS - Lovedrive

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 1979
Origin of the record : Bought
8track(s) - 37minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : metalmp
Publishing date : 8/19/11
Oldies drank goldies: the d' beginning; a magic trilogy
We decided to make you discover (or Re to discover) the albums which marked one time and which appear important to us to include/understand l' evolution of our preferred style.
We will treat l' album by reinstating it in its original context (anecdotes, etc)…
a chronicle which wants to be 100% " passionnée" and " nostalgique" and which us l' let us hope, will make you react by the means of the comments!
Good voyage!

With Lovedrive, SCORPIONS starts the most extraordinary trilogy discographic ever recorded by a group ofRock German.

Undoubtedly this is due to the success met by the world tour from where was drawn splendid live the Tokyo Tapes and which finally brought an international credibility to the arthropods. Undoubtedly also the integration of young guitarist Matthias JABS (replacing eccentric Uli John ROTH, left to found ELECTRIC SUN, although one feels still sometimes his musical contribution) it had an influence on the end result. Undoubtedly, still, this is the fact of changing label, passing from RCA to EMI. Undoubtedly, finally, that the nationality even of the group was a rampart against the Punk which devastated the great names of the time. The councils of producer Dieter DIERKS explain also certainly the fulgurating success gained by this fifth album studio of the SCORPIONS. Very as much as the small pocket (signed by avant-gardist Hipgnosis) which, once again (after that extremely décriée and now untraceable ofVirgin Killer) made jaser. If die them since evolved/moved, the world, in full liberation movement of the woman, does not seem yet ready to accept this kind of full image d' a humour very machist and completely shifted.

Whole that is amply sufficient to pose this vinyl on the turntable and to be let carry by these eight pieces of a oh group! how much inspired. The melodies imparables of Loving You Sunday Morning or Lovedrive bring the smoothness necessary to allure all the public ones, mixing softness and roughness, while Another Piece Of Meat and Can’t Get Enough want to be clearly and fundamentally Hard, direct and sharp (forgiveness: “pricking” seems, in fact, more suitable to me.) SCORPIONS was made a speciality - even if, in 1979, the reputation of the group does not turn that around that - and offers of it two sublimes ballades with Always Somewhere and very romantic Holiday. Two ballades judiciously placed, moreover: the first, almost with semi-course, resounds like a series of excuses and justifications as for the absence due to the trade chosen, while the second, which closes the album, is an invitation at the holidays, an invitation launched to the being loved like being made forgive them known as absences. Klaus MEINE control perfectly its so particular voice, and the musicians all seem plain around guitarist Rudolf SCHENKER. SCORPIONS is even let try by the exploration of new sonorities with Is There Anybody There which draws from the Reggae of Master Bob MARLEY. A song whose first words are explicit: “My spirit Opens and lets me feel new vibrations”… Lastly,SCORPIONS is also devoted to the other exercise in which it became Master by proposing an effective instrumental piece (Coast To Coast).

SCORPIONS, with Lovedrive, manages to centre its music around one Hard Rock basic, melody and direct, moving away from explorations sometimes too close to the spirit psychedelic to the compositions to its former guitarist. IfJABS is not yet completely integrated ( Michael SCHENKER brings once again its inimitable key by holding the guitar lead on Lovedrive, Another Piece Of Meat and Coast To Coast), it is in all the cases on the right track. The following albums will show it, very as much as the future, the guitarist being, today still, member of the group. The result is without call: Lovedrive becomes the first album of SCORPIONS to enter the English charts and the Billboard American (respectively with the 36ème and 55ème places). L' future will confirm the positions impossible to circumvent of the German group, in spite of l' appearance d' other difficulties, shelves and challenges d' scale.

Find the other chronicles of these " groups; Blow of Coeur" by using the search engine on the page of the chronicles (Bond " Chroniques" on the level of the menu). To scan for the words:Oldies but goldies .
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krakal The Thursday, November 24, 2011
Un album culte du groupe, un indispensable, il ne peut être autrement ^^
Rémifm The Friday, August 19, 2011

City : Chambéry
SCORPIONS, un des plus grand groupe de Rock au monde ! Pour ma part, j'aime aussi la période précédent cet album... Fly To The Rainbow, c'est pas de la disco ! Belle chro, merci pour ce voyage dans le temps !
Comment by metalmp : J' also like what precedes, of Fly To The Rainbow (and the superb back of its small pocket) in Taken By Force. Uli Roth is a guitarist with share, indescritible. I simply more sensitive to the disco music with Jabs, simpler and are taken head.
Chouman The Friday, August 19, 2011

Merci pour cette belle chronique consacrée à ce classique !
Comment by metalmp : Of nothing. Scorpions is a great group which deserves all our respect. And like j' spoke d' a trilogy, you will understand that d' others chros arrive. I let you guess of which albums it s' acts?
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