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NIGHTWISH - Imaginaerum

Style : Symphonic Metal
Support :  CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Bought
13track(s) - 74minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Nuclear Blast

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 12/7/11
Embark for a symphonic voyage and metal (perhaps not rather precisely…)
Announced for 2012, Imaginaerum, new and seventh album studio of Finnish of NIGHTWISH comes to leave in this December 2011.
What makes us 4 years d' makes an attempt, in the month near since Dark Passion Play
Good idea because good period to leave a so much awaited album which should find its place under many fir trees…
Taking into account the sales of precedent Dark Passion Play, I am not too anxious, d' as many more than all was well locked before the exit l' album…
Held with the secrecy, us n' will not have been entitled to Metal Integral to usual the mp3 in advance for our chronicles…
" Fô" to specify qu' it cost an arm this Imaginaerum !
However, I m' in card, I l' will have bought this album because the first teaser was promising and the clip (not fantastic for my part) of Storytime let predict an interesting album.
Here, you know all and all qu' it s' d' acts; a concept album telling l' history d' an old man who believes qu' he is still a young boy… Ca points out a little the syndrome to me of Peter Pan !
Brief, in its sleep, it travels in its remote past where its dreams d' antan merges with the fantastic and musical world d' a young boy…
D' where the choruses d' children…
Yes, this Imaginaerum is an imposing symphony melody metal and a kind of film Original soundtrack version metal…
Ca fall well, a film is planned for 2012 by realizer Stobe HARJU !
For this reason our imaginary is requested with l' listen to l' album… and I also think of films like the Lord Of the Rings, Pirates Of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate factory…
the film should evolve/move in this universe there!
Side music, c' is still a success for my part because this album is, the least which I can say, ambitious! Even if for the blow, it missed some a little to Tuomas over the length for the side metal! Unless there was no time a little with l' artist for commercial reasons? (I m' question!)
Imaginaerum will not be enough either to regulate the debates around the song (fans of Tarja vs Annette), which that known as with the passage is once again of very beautiful quality!
Tuomas HOLOPAINEN still composed us a symphonic work qu' it produces magnificiently!
And l' contribution of the THE LOOKING GLASS ORCHESTRA gives really l' width and a credibility with the project…
Whole l' universe of NIGHTWISH is condensed in its 74 minutes with again Celtic environments on very made a success of I Want My Tears Back or on the ballade very BLACKMOORE'S KNIGHT Turn Loose The Mermaids.
the bridge out of Rest Calm is in the same vein…
I regret a little the " blow of mou" a little long to leave d' one Arabesque very traditional in beach 7 with too full with ballades with Turn Loose The Mermaids, Rest Calm which s' blow quickly and the mid-tempo kind power ballade The Crow, The Owl And The Dove.
I find that the end of l' album is inspired a little less than the first 6 fantastic titles.
And that does not cause badly at the end!
Good, the keyboards are with the festival, the symphony also, the guitars definitely less and I can only wish with NIGHTWISH d' in giving a little more on next the opus (in particular of the solos)!
It is good d' to also hope that NIGHTWISH, with l' instar of WITHIN TEMPTATION and its Black Symphony can deliver to us a public recording with a symphony orchestra!
Here, useless to say to you that the packaging is looked after and to the height of re-elected group and matter of l' album!
What proves the respect of the group for its fans that we will have pleasure to cross for the new round which s' announces…
While wishing, for those and those which will go to Lyon, a better sound qu' in 2007 for the Dark Passion Play Tour ! (that does not appear an enormous challenge to me!)
to conclude, I will say that even if NIGHTWISH becomes foreseeable, the charm still acts… An album has really to regard as a film Original soundtrack!
Here are what j' wanted to write to you on this new NIGHTWISH, your enlightened comments will be welcome!


Anette OLZON : Song
Marco HIETALA : Low, Song
Emppu VUORINEN : Guitars
Jukka NEVALAINEN : Battery and percussions
Tuomas HOLOPAINEN : Keyboards, piano, composition, production etc
COMMENTS FROM READERS Your comments, suggestions, impressions about the review and the album
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pupuce The Sunday, December 18, 2011
c'est bien de préciser que l'album a été concu dans le but d'etre une BO de film et de garder ca en tete lorsqu' on l' ecoute, sinon on peut etre decu (en tout cas, moi j'adore ; vivement la tournée )
Comment by Rémifm : Oh yes!!! Bzzz Pupuce!
Volumenbrutal The Friday, December 9, 2011

City : Bordeaux
Y a de bons titres, mais d'autres m'ennuient. Parfois j'ai l'impression d'être à la piste aux étoiles...
Comment by Rémifm : Does Ca slip then? Tchuss Man!
krakal The Thursday, December 8, 2011
Bande Originale de film version métal symphonique. On attend avec impatience le film. Je ne suis pas déçu par cet opus, malgré le changement vocal, cela reste du Nightwish,,,un zest entre deux heavy mourd n'est pas pour me déplaire ^^
Comment by Rémifm : Thank you for your comment! Tchuss…
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