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LOW ID - Discoverock

Style : Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Received from the band
11track(s) - 55minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Author : Ben
Publishing date : 1/15/12
Contrasts and control!
Discoverock is the first own-produced album ofLOW ID , quartet originating in Savoy, more precisely of Chambéry, pre-alpine city where it made good things in life there. Vincent LOISY (song), Andreas GLANZ (battery/percussions),Jeremy DUBANCHET (low/song) and Yann GILQUIN(guitars/song), through these 11 compositions, carry us in their creative and harmonious world, making côtoyer universal musical styles: Rock, Pop, the crossbred whole d' one ounceMétal with the progressive atours.

After a short introduction, Discoverock Part I (Discovering You)opens really l' album, title with high melody content where the guitars, combined with rhythmic, bring back for us towards MOSTLY AUTUMN, even PINK FLOYD. In its medium, an aside makes Pop Rock us derived towards FRANZ FERDINAND. Surprising! Who says Part I, known as… Leaves II. The latter, Discoverock Part II (Discovering Me), of the same gasoline, a bit plusMétal (soft however), close l' album. Both associated, these 2 titles form a long tour of more than 15 minutes, with contrasted environments, in turn éthérées, planing and rageuses. A treat.
All Lies Behind is run in one Pop Rock always melody, with rhythmic simple but efficient, leaving grooverto l' envy the low one. The English song of Vincent, in spite of a light accentso frenchy , is very pleasant, titillating an modest theatricalness. Report which then is noticed throughout l' album. The guitars develop a accrocheuse melody, approaching d' one PORCUPINE TREE/BLACKFIELD.
The Living World dyes d' a color pastel Jazzy, alliance of softness and d' emotions. The rhythmic one then makes me think of ANYONE'S DAUGHTER. Superb!
Alone hangs by its melody Rock'n'roll, leaving s' to shell serene beaches, contrasts qu' affectionate and proposes LOW ID .
The Last Day Before The Rest Of My Life is an instrumental part where the acoustic guitar entirely occupies l' sound space.
New HorizonMarie the acoustic and electric guitar, all 2 accoquinées to rhythmic Rock, with a small side TOTO andRay WILSON ( Change - 2003) in bottom. Demonstration d' a writing d' a great maturity and d' a perfect technical control.
A Strange Place We Call Home is as for him darker, slower in its unfolding. An atmospheric keyMétal , guided by the guitars, wraps this splendid title.
Care Enoughis undoubtedly the most eclectic title, variegated. Most progressive too. And again makes be worth and resplendir, s' it of it is need, all d' qualities; writing and of sets of LOW ID .
The Letter is a splendid ballade Pop Rock mid-tempo, or again acoustic and electric guitar s' intermingle, weaving a melody supported by rhythmic sober and patinated. The song is in perfect adequacy with l' environment of the title which makes think, once more, to Ray WILSON.

Discoverock , autroproduit and mixed beautiful way, is really a bright success, d' a great artistic richness. And emphasizes, leaves to repeat me, of d' qualities; writings and d' completely distinguished and invaluable interpretations, combining a full maturity and freshness d' relevance. LOW IDthus joined the pinnacle of the young French groups to attentively follow, such as for example EOLE, COEXISTENCE or even FROZEN TIME(and whose respective albums were recently chronic in the pages ofMETAL INTEGRAL ).
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