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BLACKFIELD - Welcome to my dna

Style : Prog Heavy / Prog Metal / Prog Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Bought
11track(s) - 39minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 2/21/12
With flower of skin…
Approximate translation of the review
It is high time, He yes, a year of delay all the same, to leave a hard copy on the site from this Welcome To My Dna of BLACKFIELD.
Because d' a share I l' arranged in my signal album of 2011!
D' another share because this 3rd opus is really delectable, like the 2 others moreover!
With Ben (which had acquired this jewel at its exit), we are really fan of the work of Aviv GEFFEN and Steven WILSON (PORCUPINE TREE).
For this album, Aviv s' grant almost totality d' writing of l' album, only Waving, sublimates mid-tempo with the faster refrain and the paces sometimes d' one Simon And Garfunkel is composed by Steven WILSON.
a title which s' registered voter in the perfect line of the compositions of BLACKFIELD.
the only small defect that I find on this album locates in the song on Dissolving With The Night.
When Aviv takes this type of voice more nasillard with some tremors, I n' like at all!
For the remainder, of l' writing with l' interpretation, with divine arrangements including one formidable participation of l' symphony orchestra of London, of the mixing of Steven with the production of Steven and Aviv, this album is a work d' goldsmith who awakes grinds emotions.
Same if l' general atmosphere skilfully mixes the sumptuous melodies with the melancholy, never we fall into the easy pathos.
Of the words, often dark and tortured of Aviv, there is always a melody to keep l' hope…
And even if the mid-tempos even ballades take the top, there is this fantastic Blood, the more nervous in beach 7 to start again machine BLACKFIELD.
is This mixture of pop, folk, rock and progressive a total success and influences of PINK FLOYD, R.E.M (listen to the small melody of guitar on Oxygen, that does not point out Losing My Religion to you?), THE BEATLES, even Simon And Gartfunkel cité higher are let apprehend with the wire of l' album.
Why, but why n' don't we hear BLACKFIELD on our typified radios Pop-rock ?
There are French programmers who would make d' well; to open their ruts and I a little do not think qu' to BLACKFIELD to be programmed!!!!
Brief, Welcome To My Dna is a d' chief; work d' a rare intelligence and d' a delicate emotion with flower of skin…
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