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Style : Hard Rock
Support :  MP3 - Year : 2012
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
13track(s) - 61minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Rising Records

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 6/2/12
Young that do the music of old one...
It is not uninteresting to bring his rock to an already known structure since some months.
This Legacy took out at the end of 2011 and was therefore already well guided of leaves and of others this beginning of year 2012.
A small turn of horizon of the different sites and a conclusion: the French critics are bad indeed very hard and the foreign very favorable ones.
THIS IS a not very strange, no?
This albums is therefore arrived through the mp3 on my computer recently, testimony of a new exchange with the label that we discover, Rising Records.
Legacy is the second opus of this English group, THE MORNING AFTER.
After several listen of the latter, I understand the disappointment of the one and those that had blessed the first album of 2009, You Can Hurt Steel.
Goods less heavy/speed even if there remains something of the NWOBHM in certain titles, this new album gives way to the keyboards sometimes and we take towards a Hard-Rock mélodique to the US, loan of the years 80.
Some guttural voices persist again here where there but remain very discreet.
The carried message is simple, we are young, funs, positive, we drink beer and do the party!
Goods, beyond the clichés, and this music is a permanent cliché, it in remainder not less than the level is good and that the compositions are and mélodiques as a whole well written and inspired.
I thought by moment to TIGERTAILZ, DANGER DANGER indeed also NIGHT RANGER on the title America.
besides NIGHT RANGER has an entitled title (You Can Still) Rock In America !
Remainders a second on this title America.
It remembers me that a famous English group, marked carries flag of the NWOBHM had in 1980 manuscript a title Hello America and was accused lorgner with greediness walked it American.
Market and country that will welcome this group the open arms, grace notably to the encounter and to the work of the famous producer John "Mutt" LANGE.
Go, you guessed?
The initial ones of the group are DF.
The response is down below.
in any case, let's wish to THE MORNING AFTER to meet his John "Mutt" LANGE of the years 2010.
Brief one, I find a parallel between these two histories, this Legacy well more being formatted for the American market than his predecessor.
at the same time, the Americans have just sent us STEEL PANTHER, revival glam Hard-US revived one of the ashes of WARRANT, RATT and company.
it was necessary well an European response to the history.
Brief one, I think that these young sprouts, that mix not poorly influences here (to the picture of the drinking sessions to the various alcohols of these new generations!) should stop themselves on a style and to work it to bottom rather than copy out (lively it copy/stick of the internet) which already did itself!
a little personality, not of a small fellow!
there are copies that hold the road, the one there in really fools people by moment and allows passing a good moment!
Of there to send old monkeys of the years 80 on the planet that is dedicated them to the movies, it will be necessary to put the turbo of the creation and originality in heats...
Steps bad this Legacy, far of there, not not transcendental more, it is necessary to acknowledge it, there remains to ask you the question of what you look for in this moment.
For the summer, this opus will be adequate for your evenings between friend (e) s by a lake, smoking barbecul all close, beers in the cooler.
In the reheated kind, HEAT, more FM with his Address The Nation goes it seems me to win the palm of now this year!

Responses of the quizz : DEF LEPPARD, Hello America extract of On Through The Night of 1980.
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