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METAL CHURCH - The shrapnel tapes 81 - 84

Style : 80's & 90's Re-releases
Support :  CD - Year : 2008
Origin of the record : Bought
14track(s) - 69minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
White Stallion

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 7/26/08
In nomine metalli!
For younger METAL CHURCH may not raise much, if not a chronic national magazines at the exit of his last albums (1999, 2004, 2006 and 2008). But the play remains imperative to listen to life their first album in 1985 entitled simply Metal Church. Of course you can add The Dark (1986), but for me it will remain below your side "chills."
This group of San Francisco has so far released nine albums, two live, six "single", a DVD, and three demos K7; for the story of Lars Ulrich METALLICA, would have done without following a few rehearsals with the group in 1981.
In summary a group which owes its longevity to its "glorious past" and the correct albums, very good to see one another since.

After this mini-history course, come in to The Shrapnel Tapes, which has nothing to do with tapes for the U.S. label Shrapnel as I believe it at first. Just remember in its infancy, just before his career took off, the group called a short time Shrapnel in 1983!
This CD contains the instrumental demo 3 titres Red Skies in 1981, another 3 instrumental tracks ever, 1981, the Four Hymns Demo 4 tracks sung (by Dave WAYNEwho died in 2005) Demo repeated in 1984 and Live 1984.

You have understood this CD is for Ultras 80's who want to supplement their musical culture. The sound is almost inaudible correct but overall the fans who will recognize, will not be disappointed. Titles in 1981 and 1982 are really good and interesting. While
fans of Heavy Metal U.S. 80's, you know you have to do ... quickly find this CD announced fired to 500 copies and I think despite a low official video "serious" ...

Two small things to finish, the name of METAL CHURCH (or early The CHURCH OF METAL) comes from the name given to the apartment of the founder Kurdt VANDERHOOFin 1980.
Finally for those who may have information, as this CD is stamped "005 White Stallion" what are the other outputs of the "Label"?

Style: 80's Heavy Metal Exclusive to
Ultras Fans Party Artistic: 3.5 / 5
Interest to Fans of 80's Heavy Metal: 5 / 5
RASKAL The French Warrior gives: 10/20 for the sound medium and 19 / 20 for interest
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