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AXEL RUDI PELL - Tales of the crown

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2008
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
10track(s) - 60minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 10/7/08
On and on ... forever!
Approximate translation of the review
AXEL RUDI PELL, guitarist, author, type-setter, interprets and producing will celebrate its 20 years of career l' next year.
Since 1989, this prolific German musician left 12 albums studio ( Tales Off The Crown is it twelfth), that is to say a little more d' an album every two years, 4 compilations including 3 from ballades, 2 live and an album of covers, disappointing Diamonds Unlockedl' last year.
And to finish some with the figures, c' is the 6th album with l' excel singer Johnny GIOELI(HARDLINE).
For those and those which would be for the blow really fallen (E) S from the rain d' yesterday,AXEL RUDI PELLpractical a solid, square and melody hard rock.
For this new cutting, we find a line-up stabilized with the keyboards the always discreteFerdy DOENBERG , Volker KRAWCZAK with low (discretion also ensured) and the bruiser of service Mike TERRANAwith the battery.
the obvious question that everyone is posed, and that I was posed by charging this wafer is:AXEL RUDI PELLgoes t' it s' to blow with composing so much?
He well, the answer is not with small yes.
the small one yes to stress that the receipt is the same one, this famous hard rock enticing and melody which to us is proposed every two years.
Yes also because the mixing is always the same one, with guitars/song/battery on the same level and a quasi non-existent keyboard/low.
And one large not, because if you are, like me, fan of the style and that you regale yourselves of this mets, then Tales Off The Crownwill be able to sharpen your appetite.
This Tales Off The Crown is me seems t' it l' album which approaches more of the Oceans Off Times1998, which I l' acknowledge has my preference.
We in addition find the magic of The Gates Off The Sevan Seals on this fantastic Higher which begins l' album or l' éponymeOff Bruise The Crown, which leaves a little place to the keyboards for my greater happiness.
2 ballades come enjoliver l' album of which one very emotional Northern Lightsencloses d' of it; album.
L' instrumental Emotional Echoes is époustouflant and proves thatAXEL RUDI PELL would have interest to more often include this d' kind; environment in its compositions.
small, delectable and new really interesting stylistic inspiration which gives a little d' air with l' album, balanced definitively well.
Because yes, the other compositions, more traditional, perfect, are inspired, melody with wish with the blow d' usual accelerator for two d' between them.
Brief, a very beautiful work, beautiful melodies, impeccable refrains and a dynamic production Off make from this Tales Crown a musical joy of this autumn 2008.
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Volumenbrutal The Saturday, October 11, 2008

City : Bordeaux
Un artiste que je n'aurais pas écouté sans la chro de Remi!! j'ai donc récupéré le promo que l'on a eu pour hardrock80, je vais le chroniquer ce week, et non de dieu, là aussi, quelle surprise! merci beaucoup!! lol !!!
Comment by Rémifm : ABBA prejudice! :) I always cast an ear, where a surprise lurks in the course of a composition!
Other surprises coming in November with the return of TESLA and THUNDER rather good inspiration!
Go to your site to read your prose on this fantastic AXEL RUDI PELL!
Thank you
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