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GRAVE DIGGER - Ballads of a hangman

Style : Melodic Speed Metal
Support :  CD - Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
11track(s) - 42minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Napalm Records

Author : Phil "KOB"
Publishing date : 1/25/09
Indémodables heavy métalleux ...
Ballad of a Hangman is the new offering of the most prolific GermansGRAVE DIGGER . The album follows Liberty Of Death released in 2007 and then we had a shortness of breath without inspiration and (aside from the remarkable eponymous title).

The good news is the resurgence of net shape of the group on this cake, the bad news is that this renewed dries in half the opus.
Ballad of a Hangman can be divided into two parts: the first is truly excellent, offering the killings Heavy epic which alone has the secret (note, the chorus will hit hard in "live"! Still does be able to see them live!). The breaking point is from the title and sixth highest point of the album "The Innocence Dies Lonely" a beautiful mid-tempo highly emotional, dark, where the voice of hard rock and Chris gives BOLTENDAHL Veronica reply toFREEMAN ,singer Benedictum. At the end of this title, all the optimism, and it is said that GRAVE DIGGER has really hit hard. Illusion quickly faded by the second part of the album sees the epic fell heavily, the group proposing that securities terribly flat and uninspired, Heavy bottom of the front with refrains missed. Only the last title and ancillary single from the album saves this second part: Prayis a good mid tempo with a powerful chorus and guitar harmonies very successful.

The production of the plastic washer is very good, as always with GRAVE DIGGERsound is powerful and typical metal Germanic. A word about the artwork: it is really successful and worked more than usual ... and in the tradition of the group.

In conclusion, being a fan ofGRAVE DIGGER , I enjoyed this album and reassured about the shape of the group, some titles can become classics, including The Lonely Innocence Dies and the group proves it has molten metal in foundries. The only regret is therefore the second part but botched mask in any way the achievements of this opus.
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Elvenstorm The Friday, July 24, 2009

City : Chambéry
Entierement d'accord, la premiere moitié de l'album est vraiment trés bonne, la deuxieme est malheureusement baclée. Bien meilleur que "Liberty or Death"
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