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CONQUEST OF STEEL - Hammer & fist

Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  CD - Year : 2007
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
9track(s) - 40minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
No Face

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 12/24/07
British heavy metal !
Approximate translation of the review
It’s a long time I am in contact with this Heavy Metal band, and I reviewed the Priest of Metal demo (2002), the Split Promo CD Stadium of Steel and their first CD Conquest of Steel on No Face Records (2004).
If I really liked the two EP, Conquest of Steel wasn’t the CD I was expected…Of course it was a very good pure Heavy Metal CD with the "Warriors,Steel and Chains” ambiances, but something missed for me….perhaps a kind of dynamism, more melodies and a good production for Headbanging!

Hammer and Fist is one of the best Heavy Metal album I’ve heard for a long time!
CONQUEST OF STEEL just released the great Heavy Metal album I was waiting for!
The power, melodies, chorus, musical parts, production! 10 tracks in 40 minutes that’s perfect! Not too long, but killer!
These guys lose perhaps the “Underground” sound, but they gained in quality without to betray 80’s Heavy Metal!

I don’t know if they signed with Satan but the result is really impressive!

Listen this unbelievable song I Am Legend with a guitar playing a part of “Heavy Metal Mania” (HOLOCAUST)! One of the best 2007 Heavy Metal song for me…A Million Strong (another Hit…), Born In Hell, Taste of Metal (another 200% perfect song with a fantastic chorus), Warriors Guide (and it’s great break in the middle), Call of the Wild, the Epic Under the Sign, May Your Blade Never Dull are what I call “intelligent”, “powerful”, “original, and killer” songs!

CONQUEST OF STEEL propose you in 40 minutes a mix of “IRON MAIDEN, PEGAZUS, WARLORD, LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG, WOLF and some US Heavy Metal bands like SWORD.

Thank you CONQUEST OF STEEL to show me I was right when I said your first album was “only average” ! I invite all the real Heavy Metal fans to listen to this CD.

Hammer and Fist will please all fans of 80’s Heavy Metal!
Brothers & Sisters from all over the World, the british Heavy Metal is ready for battl , Raise your Hammers, Raise your Fist and join the good Fight!

RASKAL The French Warrior 19/20

RASKAL The Objective 17,5/20
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