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Report :   NIGHTMARE" Insurrection " Release Party toFontaine 05/09/09 ( NIGHTMARE )
Publishing date : 9/6/09
Author : Raskal
Approximate translation of the file
As with each release of a new album, NIGHTMARE, the iconic group of Grenoble, fans invites her to a nice evening pre-listening. The

will be this time the pool private part of a nightclub in Fontaine, a place that could make me want to bathe if a wind had brought the temperature to about 15 degrees ... Fortunately the party " Bar was covered!
I got to 18 hours with a radio-guided Efficient friend Jens BORNER of LONEWOLF and Yves CAMPION, NIGHTMARE bassist!
The "family" here is NIGHTMARE with BIG BALLS (cover band of roadies to NIGHTMARE), the companions, Muriel Queen of the art, Jeep 's " Organizer " and a few friends. Only missing the JC JESS new recruits Isère, not the GF38 but NIGHTMARE, JC JESS (who also officiated in the group of the same name) is the guitarist who replaced him at Alex party LONEWOLF.

So it's time to talk a little about Insurrection this new album coming out on 11/09/09 ...
After a passage somewhat disappointing in the label REGAIN (more specialized "Extreme"), and promotion unsatisfactory, c ' is now AFM, the German label, which takes orders! The color posters, photos, promos and stickers are present and actually show interest in the label for the group.

On the concept "cover, title and release date" no doubt that the label sought to create around buzz this album. But the group is formal content of the album has nothing to do with the attacks of September 11, 2001 (except that it was a real nightmare).

installations completed it was nine o'clock, time to open the doors. The surprise was good because (despite the football match France / Romania) are nearly 150 people who were satisfied and a lot of heads known!
With the invitation was offered sangriaby the cons input prices was a little high for this type of evening it is a pity ...

While BIG BALLS warmed the audience with standards ofACDC was primarily for me the opportunity to locate pals Jens of LONEWOLF, Norde, Xav, Eric de FRANANG ZINE and the surprise of the night Alexandre of PYRENEAN METAL ! And yes, he will now live in Grenoble and was a real joy of "welcome" in our beautiful region! And another pleasant surprise, the two guitarists of HOLY CROSS, Loïc and Adrien. The first album, " Under The Flag " is soon in the bins (and reviewed on our site)!
I also believe Mathieu ofHELLIXXIR who released an album in December, P’TIT JU ( AMON SETHIS of which will play Saturday 12 to Bourget du Lac to METAL WARNING Festival), François and ERATO of the group which handles François to METALLIAN Mag subscriptions and a record store and accessories which I unfortunately forgot the name (François do not hesitate to leave a comment through the contact in your store!)

After a very good delivery of BIG BALLS and a cover "surprise" Waiting For The Twilight / Le Jour du ChâtimentThere was a viewing on the big screen (Please Franck !) on the presentation of new album produced by the label. The opportunity to see the band in studio, listen to great riffs and refrains, and especially to see some pictures of groups on a beautiful scene in Portugal during a festival end of August (NIGHTMARE playing just before including BLIND GUARDIAN) . The group received a superb reception of Portuguese public.

Finally before fatigue reminds me that I had not eaten since noon, the group has set back the new album and we were able to discover a rather catchy album with a major production and influences sometimes " Thrash Moderne" but fans can rest assured the NIGHTMARE 2009 does not disappoint on it! And we hope soon to have something the chronic! That is

after rapid tightening of hands and kisses I am back on Chambéry happy about midnight that night very nice and it listening to the debut of HOLY CROSS I traveled 60 kilometers to home! Thanks to

and Yves CAMPION to NIGHTMARE group for receiving me, as usual, with kindness and availability. Appointments September 11, 2009 for the release of Insurrection !

www.myspace.com / nightmareofficial
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Alexandre The Monday, November 16, 2009

City : Perpignan (66)/Grenoble (38)
Merci pour l'accueil; bonne soirée ! A+
Comment by Raskal : Bon quand c'est qu'on se revoit ? Le 12 décembre avec LONEWOLF j'en suis sur !!!!
vyx The Thursday, October 1, 2009

City : chambery
A peine sorti, leur album était en rupture de stock à la fnac: résultat il a fallu le commander... Vivement le 31 octobre de les voir sur scène...
Comment by Raskal : C'est génial tout ça !!!!! On se verra peut être le 31 !
Norde The Sunday, September 6, 2009
Ah ah cool mister Raskal cette soirée en ta compagnie ! A+
Comment by Raskal : Heureux de t'avoir revu aussi ! Et à bientôt !
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