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Live report :  IRMINSUL, BAH GAD DON andBLACK HORIZON Live toLailly en Val (45) the 27 nov 2010 ( IRMINSULBAH GAD DONBLACK HORIZON )
Publishing date : 12/2/10
Author : metalmp
It is a new time, the last one of the year, a beautiful poster that we propose tonight the association IGDC. The room of the Lisotte welcomes in fact three groups of styles both different and supplementary. The evening, although, unfortunately, not very frequented (among others reasons, the snow falls on the Orléanais… but to 5€the entry, the snow also can brave itself), will reserve his batch of surprises and of mouse.

The of picardy ofIRMINSUL open the hostilities by a first surprising piece for a group of Hard Rock : there where one could expect an attack sonique in rule, the group begins with Isaria, a light instrumental and mind-blowing one. Nevertheless, the title climbs in power with a low one that recalls unquestionably the first era ofIRON MAIDEN. The continuation will be varied, to the picture of the influences that perspire in the music ofIRMINSUL, that digs into as much in the Hard and the Rock of the 70' s or beginning of the 80' s - with DEEP PURPLE, QUEEN or KISS – that in the variety (notably at the level of the song that recalls by instants De PALMAS, the Prog of RUSH or the Heavy more recent but always typed Old school. The voice of Guillaume does the wonders and surprises by his unusual range in the kind. The guitarist singer easily communicates with the public, descends even to return him visits. Of return on scene, it profits from it to present its companions of game and thanks some friends- of which Didier IZARD, former singer of H-BOMB - that, as fans, traversed some 250 km to attend this show! Guillaume thanks to the passage " IGDC, because it is thanks to people as them that of the people as can play us". The set concluded itself then by Aux Portes de La Tentation, a trip in the palaces of the queen of Saba, a mixture of Rock and of eastern moods of the most beautiful effect. A success rewarded by the reaction again convert, for that IRMINSUL will lend themselves the remainder of the evening to the game of dedicates it, of which the one of this young fan that stretches to the three musicians its before arm for that they sign them. That begins as that, by the before arm… A creative group to follow, unquestionably.
Setlist IRMINSUL : Isaria, Le Penseur, Changer D’Air, Planning, Angelcity, Mary Cid, En Sursis, Soma, Aux Soldats Inconnus, Ainsi Soit-Il, Salem, Aux Portes De La Tentation

BAH GAD GIFT income after some months "without". Gérard (low) and Laurent (guitar) left to live another musical adventure, leaving their old partners to look for a new bass player (Olivier, arrived in June) and adapt the pieces for a single guitar. And the result is rather convincing. In any case, it is promising, titles as Les Liens Du Sang or the very typed ACDC Of The Good Time fact wipes. But as early as Tchernobyl, technical problems look for – unsuccessfully – to perturb the henceforth quartet: originating grésillements of the amplifiers guitars will become to several returns. But MP3, the guitarist, concentrated remainder and offers even to the public a solo the guitar on the shoulders. Marco (song) asks the public to budge a little and makes fun of kindly of the young generation while pointing out that "the old one, them, they are standing… and the young ones, they remain sit!". That will do them not more to budge, to the passage… Or that, or humor potache and native of berry of which wears Marco. BAH GAD DON proposes equally a new title, the relief and speedé L’Aube De La Fin and finishes by its classics, his return of the C’Est Toi Que Je T’Aime of the INCONNUS, that puts everyone agreed, Le Corbeau Blanc and Orgie, that the faithful public connait by heart.
Setlist BAH GAD GIFT : Intro, Star A Connerie, Les Liens Du Sang, La Gangrène, Tchernobyl, Trop Tard, L’Aube De La Fin, Du Bon Temps, Au Désarroi D’Une Vie, Désillusion, Bah Gad Don, Le Corbeau Blanc, C’est Toi Que Je T’Aime (LES INCONNUS), Orgie

BLACK HORIZON produces themselves for the second time to Lailly en Val. The first time, the group opened for KILLERS (in 2008), and had done not again go out his album The Choice. As early as the beginning, Bruno, the singer, takes the public in a universe to party. A little disturbed, a little disturbing sometimes, but always fascinating. The vocaliste lives totally his personage. Compare scenically Bruno with Geoff TATE (QUEESNRYCHE) is tempting but adorned as an evidence. The group does not leave any dead time, Dom and Seb (respectively to the low one and to the guitar) occupying every corner and recess of the scene, the bass player pretence in the inability to remain in place more of some seconds. The group surprises and takes to the throat. A new time tonight, we have right to a new title, Walking Beside Me. And even if it does not do left principal influences of the Parisians, I detect a good one leaves METALLICA, so this piece is jerky and Heavy. The true mentors of the group will cut themselves the party of the lion, BLACK HORIZON completing his set with not less than four returns, of which two of SAVATAGE. Before concluding, Bruno yields the microphone to Marco (BAH GAD DON) the time to play For Whom The Bell Tolls (METALLICA). The latter is followed in the crowd of Guillaume (IRMINSUL) for a Breaking The Law (JUDAS PRIEST) that reheats the hearts. Bruno rediscovers his place for a bleeding one Ace OF Spades (MOTORHEAD) before the set does not finish by Time followed by an explosive medley homage to ACDC composite of less than twelve pieces. All the good things have an end, and to an hour in the morning, the lights rekindle themselves, leaving the public to confront the snow that gently accumulated itself in this first party of night.
Setlist BLACK HORIZON : Bastard, On The Battlefield, The Choice, Silence, Did You See It, Tower, Réagis, Walking Beside Me, Aurora, The Hall Of The Mountain King (SAVATAGE), For A Handfull Of Rain (SAVATAGE), For Whom The Bell Tolls (METALLICA), Breaking The Law (JUDAS PRIEST), Ace Of Spades (MOTORHEAD), Time, Medley ACDC

A new time, IGDC knew, simply, organize a remarkable evening. Let's greet the tenacity of the members of this association that, against winds and tides, continues to brave the lack of public and finds the courage to continue to convince groups to come to play in these distant regions. The absent ones always have wrong, says one. And, did a suggestion, an idea: if one open the doors an hour, an hour and half earlier? Will Ca give what?
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cheyen45 The Thursday, February 10, 2011

City : orleans
hello bande de metalleux ! J'y étais a cette soiree ! et neige ou pas !on a passé une excellente soiree a découvrir Irminsul et Black horizon des mecs sans la grosse tronche ! sans parler des "bah gad don" qui sont hyper sympas ,généreux et tenaces ! continuez on suit on soutiens !!!!!
Comment by metalmp : Encore un message que je transmets! Si on se met tous à communiquer autour de ces concerts, peut-être qu'il y aura plus de monde!
Fred ex Metal Maniac The Thursday, February 10, 2011

City : Orléans (45)
* J'y étais à ce concert, excellent... Marco (Bah Gad Don) et son équipe se sont décarcassé une fois de plus pour nous organiser cette affiche, et le souçis est effectivement le public de moins en moins nombreux, dommage (meme quand la neige n'est pas là) bref connaissant Marco depuis plus de 20 ans... il est avec son assos IGDC un des rares acteurs/organisateur de la scène métal en région centre... (à son actif : ADX/KILLERS/ROZZ/MR JACK/LOFOFORA sont venues jouer dans le Loiret... Bravo, Merci, et Respect les gars.
Comment by metalmp : Eh, oui, IGDC sait composer de belles affiches. Je fais en sorte de suivre les activités de l'assoc' et soutenir ses activités (cf le dossier "IGDC: la passion du metal" en ces pages). En tous cas, merci pour eux, je leur transmets ton message
Axldobby The Sunday, December 5, 2010

City : Bretagne
"Si on ouvrait les portes une heure, une heure et demie plus tôt ? ça donnerait quoi?" -Ivresse (ça arrive ! :) ) Tous à la buvette ! :) -Un Marpa surexcité avant l'heure ... (ça arrive aussi ! :) ) -Un Marpa à l'affut des musiciens, bloc notes en main, prêt à dégainer le stylo à la moindre occasion (là encore, ça arrive aussi ! :) ) [..] J'arrête les bêtises ! :) Bravo encore Mr.Marpa ! ;)
Comment by metalmp : Re LOL
Raskal The Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rock'n'Roll !!!! Bon pour ce qui est de la neige comme "excuse", je viens de lire le compte rendu du concert d'AVENTASIA à Prateln réalisé par notre ami Paco ...ils ont fait 400km aller retrour dans une tempête de neige et la salle était pleine comme un oeuf de coucou suisse ! Sinon ce concert entre frenchies a l'air d'avoir tenu ses promesses avec des styles différents mais bien en place. Enfin je découvre l'existence d'un MP3.....et je me demande si tu ne serais pas en fait...MP1....?
Comment by metalmp : LOL.

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