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Live report :  AVANTASIA with PRATTELN the 30/11/2010 PHOTOGRAPHS ARE ON LINE!!! ( AVANTASIA )
Publishing date : 12/2/10
Author : Hellfire Paco
Approximate translation of the file
Tuesday November 30, 2010… first date d' a round envisaged over one month and which s' announces like a Metal great adventure!

Indeed, in the cold and the snow of Pratteln, Tobias SAMMET, brain of group EDGUY, presents once again into live its j' personal project; named AVANTASIA.
This project, begun at the beginning of 2000 with The Metal Opera Part 1 & 2 was a considerable success and definitively propelled Tobias to the row of large of Heavy Metal! D' other CDs then followed with, by chronological order, The Scarecrow like Angel of Babylon and Wicked Symphony left in the form of double album a few months ago.

In addition to the quality of the compositions, the force of the project is to join together the great names of Metal around the small imp in order to transcend a Epic-Rock'n'roll unit of great quality. Thus, from André MATOS to Henjo RICHTER, from Ripper OWENS to David DEFEIS, Bob CATLEY to Bruce KULICK, Klaus MEINE to Kai HANSEN, Tobias joined together the best to take part in its adventure! Splendid on paper and out of CD, but impossible to put in scene?

C' is qu' here; it s' acts to pay homage to the companion of always of SAMMET : Sascha PAETH, guitarist, producer and creator except par! Sascha indeed took the heavy step to convince Tobias to carry on scene this imposing project. Already carried out in 2008 with some dates all over the world, this spectacle version 2010 much more was ground and prepared that the precedent, profiting moreover bonds create between the various musicians since then.

We thus attended the Z7 of PRATTELN at the very first date of the round 2010 in a room of course fills… and impatient to see the dream TEAM with l' work!
When the show starts, it is 20:10 and one then does not know that more than two hours and half of music await us!

the setlist that you will find Ci below does not contain less than 19 songs including some coming very close to 10 minutes: we are entitled to an immense spectacle in all the directions of the term!
Immense, duration of the show of course but also the quality of the service. The songs are really well chosen and emphasize the sides which make fly in the music d' AVANTASIA : c' is epic, c' is beautiful, c' is rock'n'roll N roll! All is there to give us shivers…

a beginning of show with (already) of beautiful people on scene before Tobias n' start Twisted Mind… thus think! Sascha PAETH and Oliver HARTMANN with the guitar, Miro RODENBERG with the keyboard, Félix BOHNKE with the battery, Amanda SOMERVILLE with the choruses… and here is our troublemaker preferred, in full form, which only begins with the song this dantesque concert…
the continuation proceeds as in a dream: the titles s' all connect stronger and touching, the musicians s' amuse on scene and are obviously delighted d' to be thus joined together, the public breaks out, taking again in chorus the refrains (and sometimes even l' together songs)… the magic night continues… it made cold outside, there was snow, it made night… c' was Christmas before l' hour… the dream thus continues when Jorn LANDE appears not to leave the scene almost more and to devote itself to a duet d' exception with Tobias. Powerful and melody, Norwegian impresses of facility and talent: " the voice of Dieu" you would say Catalina! C' is then a miracle which occurs with l' appearance on stage of Michael KISKE! Exceptional singer of group HELLOWEEN at the end of years 80, KISKE had practically turned the back on the world of the Metal… and here it is of return to the stage, him and his crystalline voice like still adding to this unreal scenic vision! Then l' comes; Bob CATLEYexcel, which brings a voice d' a moving sensitivity… icing on the cake, c' whole smile and with l' is Kai HANSEN ; ease like never which supplements a casting of madness! And the titles s' connect, without idle period… and the public takes full the eyes of them: it is necessary to look at everywhere… and on this small scene, one says qu' one finds the gratin of Heavy Metal… each glance carried inevitably fall on a star who stirs up last memories d' old concerts… and that s' do not stop… two hours spend, two hours and quarter, two hours and half!!! When the final one arrives, all the troop is present at the same time: this medley SIGN OF THE CROSS/SEVEN ANGELS is like a fire d' artifice… the stars ravel last once… c' is a farandole, c' is carnival, c' is Christmas before l' hour!!

22:50… the scene are empty, l' excitation is always there and with it, this feeling d' to have lived a true Metal moment. Each concert is single, each spectacle brings its batch d' emotions. But here, exceptional character and transitory of l' event combined with the presence of so many known figures met that and there randomly in the multiple lived concerts… c' is the summary d' a life of fan… or the synthesis d' a career filled already well, that of Tobias SAMMET which levels us by recomposing duet HANSEN-KISKE or by offering the presence of l' to us; époustouflant Jorn LANDE.

C' is the moment to take again the road but one trails a little… one makes last once it tower of the room… and which knows? One hopes to cross one of the musicians… C' is precisely what will occur when by far, d' is seen; access Sascha PAETH… that without which nothing n' would have can be existed? L' occasion then d' to go to congratulate it, of l' to encourage for the continuation… and to again see ravelling the stars of the evening, pleasing, smiling, available and almost chatter boxes… Here is still a good point with this evening: these musicians there are not that musicians among most brilliant in their style, they are also simple and humble people who n' do not hesitate to come to mix with the fans… for this reason this assembly functions scene so of course… there is the talent, but there is also l' friendship and l' humility: very to give l' impression with the public qu' one very gave for him… that n' does not have price, and one accepts more readily after such an amount of happiness, to face the 400 km under a snowstorm ever seen to rejoin the port d' attaches… and so finally, c' was really Christmas???!


Twisted Mind (Tobi)
The Scarecrow (Tobi/Jorn)
Promised Land (Tobi/Jorn)
Snakes in Paradise (Tobi/Michi)
The Story Ain' T Over (Tobi/Bob)
Reach Out For the Light (Tobi/Michi)
The Tower (Tobi/Michi)
Death is Just has Feeling (Tobi/Kai) off
Lost in Space (Tobi)
The Quest For (Tobi/Bob)
Runaway Train (Tobi/Bob/Jorn)
Dying For year Angel (Tobi/Michi)
Stargazers (Tobi/Michi/Jorn)
Farewell (Tobi/Amanda)
The Wicked Symphony (Tobi/Jorn/Oliver)
The Toy Master (Tobi/Kai)
Shelter From the Rain (Tobi/Michi, Kai with the guitar)
Avantasia (Tobi/Michi, Kai with the guitar)
Sign the Cross/The Seven Angels medley (everyone)

the splendid ones photographs below were taken the 30/10/2010 per Thomas GLEYZE!
Metal-Integral cordially thanks it for these memorable stereotypes!
COMMENTS FROM READERS Your comments, suggestions, impressions about the file
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gnutix The Thursday, December 9, 2010

City : Lausanne
[A l'attention de Thomas Gleyze, auteur des photos ci-dessus] Salut, Est-ce qu'il te serait possible de m'envoyer les photos 14 et 31 dans la meilleure qualité que tu possèdes par email ? ( gnutix [at] gmail [dot] com ) Il se trouve que c'est mon chapeau, sur les têtes de Tobi et Oli... donc c'est des souvenirs qui me sont chers... ;) Merci beaucoup ! Gnutix
Comment by Hellfire Paco : salut!
Tom je le vois ce soir alors s'il n'a pas lu le message, je lui transmets!!
Raskal The Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Désolé Tom je viens de lire la dernière ligne du compte rendu :) Donc félicitation AU photographe à bientôt !
tom The Monday, December 6, 2010

City : Chambéry
@Raskal : Je préfère "le" photographe :-)
Hellfire Paco The Monday, December 6, 2010

City : Belley
aaaaaaaah rémi bonne remarque!! J'ai pas eu trop le temps de discuter longuement avec lui... Par contre, je lui ferai passer le message ;) j'ai toujours été fasciné par ses fringues originales :D
Raskal The Monday, December 6, 2010

Superbes photos qui retranscrivent bien l'ambiance décrite ! Merci à Nico d'avoir su les mettre en ligne et à la (ou au) photographe !
Rémifm The Monday, December 6, 2010

City : Chambéry
Encore mieux avec les photos, même si ils ont pris un petit coup de vieux nos héros, et pour le coup nous aussi !!! Aïe ! J'ai un seul album d'Oliver HARTMANN, Home(2007) qui est vraiment excellent ! Un musicien qui mérite d'être découvert car talentueux même si éloigné du style AVANTASIA ! Paco, t'as demandé à Tobias le nom du magasin où il achète ses fringues ? Bzzz
Hellfire Paco The Sunday, December 5, 2010

City : Belley
Un grand merci à Nico!! L'homme qui trouve une soluce à tout, et plus vite que son ombre en plus :p
Hellfire Paco The Saturday, December 4, 2010

City : Belley
merci pour tous ces retours positifs! J'aurais bien des photos à vous faire partager mais je me heurte à des problemes techniques pour les uploader! On va essayer de faire au plus vite ;)
kaiuss The Saturday, December 4, 2010

City : Epinal (88)
Vraiment excellent ce concert. Un peu plus de 2h30 de heavy jouissif!!!! Et pour une fois , une salle blindée de monde ça fait aussi plaisir à voir...
Raskal The Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bravo pour ce compte (rendu) de Noël ! J'étais avec vous dans la salle pour cette belle tranche de Métal mélodique et vous m'avez mis des étoiles plein les yeux ! Merci !
Rémifm The Thursday, December 2, 2010

City : Chambéry
Ca fait plaisir de lire ces mots et se dire que ces émotions connues lors d'un méga concert sont revécues lors d'autres méga concerts ! Bon, ben il ne vous reste plus qu'à trouver Le méga concert de la Saint Sylvestre et de passer avant tout le monde en 2011 !!!
line The Thursday, December 2, 2010
noêl avant l'heure et si c'était vrai....mais c'était vrai et ce commentaire nous emmène dans un monde où tout devient facile,possible, fantastique : le rêve à l'état pur, l'absolu,un temps suspendu..... à vivre et à revivre
tom The Thursday, December 2, 2010

City : Chambéry
Le concert de l'année !! Et le retour de concert le plus long et difficile qu'on ait fait^^. J'envoie bientôt les photos ;-)
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