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Publishing date : 5/11/11
Author : Hellfire Paco
Approximate translation of the file
INTEGRAL METAL , always with the point, you had chronic GALDERIAand PRYDE, two Marseilles groups some time ago!
Since aujourd' today, we allow you to read again these opinions on first page because these two Marseilles groups come to us on May 21 to theBIT FROM ZINC!
Reinforced by ICE SCREAM, l' poster is enticing and l' equip with INTEGRAL METAL will benefit from it to animate a stand where you will be able in particular to find the Tee-shirt Heavy Metal Girls left by l' association and very envied the lastKEEP IT TRUE!

We contacted the musicians of these formations of Provence to know some a little more about their topicality.
C' is Seb ofGALDERIAwhich answers d' access with this interview…

Integral Metal : Hello Seb ! Then, your groupGALDERIAgoes up to Chambéry in this May 21 to the Zinc Bit! You us present quickly your project so that those which do not know you yet have an little idea of this qu' they will hear this evening there?

SEB : Cuckoo friends!! Then GALDERIAis of heavy in theGamma Ray Helloween, a melody group vein, very characterized by its cosmic and universal spirit!! Galderia is the name d' a planet! Kingdom of l' Universality of Creation! L' Universality being the name of the philosophy of l' universal unit!! This group is like a communion, a connection with all l' universe!!

Integral Metal : You will also play withICE SCREAM: how you known summers you?

SEB : Providence has us one day sent this expensivePaco, singer of the group!
We crossed in our beautiful Provence (we are of Marseilles) and vibratory connection was quasi instantaneous! The universal power attracts with it the powerful beings! The remainder c' is made naturally!

Integral Metal: Let us speak about your topicality…

SEB : One left our first EP in September: Rise, Legions of Free Men very turned towards l' awakening of the conscience and l' cosmic spirit! We will have certainly last stocks available for May 21! To also note thatGALDERIAproposes since step badly time of the " free" albums in free downloading on its site: http://galderia.free.fr

Integral Metal: … and of the future projects!

SEB :GALDERIAis in the train d' to record its first album in a hurry! (the precedents n' being available qu' in free dowload!). We think qu' it will be available d' here the end d' year. It will be a melody digest of heavy, universal power, cosmic transcendence, pure light and d' True love! Because with final, c' is well l' Love which underlies all Creation!
Keep the power and to the 21 for a celestial communion!!

Thank you with you!

Cyril of groupPRYDE, s' is then delivered to the little game:

Integral Metal : Hello Cyril! Then, your groupPRYDE goes up to Chambéry in this May 21 to the Zinc Bit! You us present quickly your project so that those which do not know you yet have an little idea of this qu' they will hear this evening there?

CYRIL : Hello!PRYDEis a group of Heavy/Prog based on Marseilles and composed of 6 people It will be the first time for we whom we will play on Chambéry and we are in a hurry to meet the public from there low!

Metal.Integral : You will also play withICE SCREAM: how you known summers you?

CYRIL : C' is by l' intermediary of Rémifm which ensured the chronicles of our 2 productions (that we still let us thank in the passing) on your webzine. Knowing that we seek to make concerts apart from Marseilles, it gave us the contact of Paco who very nicely proposed us to join to us to GALDERIAon May 21 to supplement l' post! As much to say to you that we accepted at once and who since then we are impatient to go up!

Metal.Integral: Let us speak about your topicality…

CYRIL : We have just left our very first album,"Absence of Light"in September 2010 and we try to do an utmost of concerts so d' in ensuring promotion. After Chambéry we in particular will play Miramas within the framework of the finale of the springboard young people, in Luynes in Korigan, at Montpellier with the Secrecy Places… you can find all our topicality on http://www.facebook.com/l/2364c7wm4m5oceUj0YTCAELjhhQ/www.myspace.com/prydeheavy and soon on our official site which should be put on line very soon.

Metal.Integral: … and of the future projects!

CYRIL: Concerning the future projects we are currently in period of composition for our second album, of which we consider l' recording for the end of l' year 2011! And this summer we consider turning d' a video clip d' a drawn piece d' "Absence of Light"! And, naturally, to turn as much as possible! The music is before a whole division and the scene is really what motivates us, then one awaits you many the Zinc on May 21 Bit! One evening exceptional is promised to you!

Integral Metal thanks the two Marseilles musicians for their answers and invites you to come many on May 21!
Some contacts implied to us that we will be entitled to some musical surprises!
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Axldobby The Friday, May 13, 2011

City : Bretagne
Vive la puissance universelle, vive GALDERIA !!! :) :) :)
Raskal The Thursday, May 12, 2011

Voilà des mots qui devraient motiver les plus incertains ! Et l'interview d'ICE SCREAM ? Vivement le 21 !!!!!!!!!! Pour info nous vendrons les CD, 33t, tee shirts et badges de nos amis de SHINING STEEL !
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