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File :  A discussion with... ( TARJA )
Publishing date : 7/18/13
Author : metalmp
Approximate translation of the file
Discussion with Tarja TURUNEN (TARJA) realized by Metalmp for METAL INTEGRAL to Paris June 14 2013.

METAL-INTEGRAL : Tarja, My Winter Storm is appeared in 2007, What Lies Beneath in 2010 and you publish this year, in 2013, Colours In The Dark. A new album every three years, this is a rhythm of cruise or is this duty to your other activities, concerts, parallel projects…?

Tarja TURUNEN : This is in fact rather natural. Turn for each of these albums takes about two years, and when I am in turned, I really cannot write new songs. I record a lot of ideas, what I saw, that I met what happened during the trips and on the turn also. The ideas were born, but I have really not enough energy to draw from it songs. Whenever I am at the house, that I have my equipment, I write some, between the turns. This became a rhythm: two years of turn, after the go out of the album then I take a little time to write new songs. That asks a lot of times, in fact. I have equally other activities: as lyric singer, I have other projects, but the turns rock take a lot of times.

METAL-INTEGRAL : Which is the meaning of the title of this new album " Colours In The Dark " (colors in obscurity)?

Tarja TURUNEN : That has all to see with my current life, in reality. The latter years, it arrived me so many things, so in my private life that professional. All that transported me in a superb place, where I am located in a really comfortable position. I feel simplement…libre. The whole process of this album was so easier than before. Of course, there is an apprenticeship process but all came so naturally. Even my voice is more natural than never. Nevertheless, I worked more than ever the latter years. There is a process of apprenticeship of all these experiences, that evidently have an impact on my art, since that affects me directly. This album is very personal… You see, the colors of the envelope are very strong, luminous, and this I feel. I met superb people, I heard so histories… All that, I see it as colors.

METAL-INTEGRAL : You consider equally that you were in the penumbra a certain time?

Tarja TURUNEN : She accompanies me always a little, this penumbra. I know not why, but I love this aspect. Maybe that that comes from the place where I was born, where I grew in Finland, the manner in which I was implied in the metal, which arrived very suddenly. I had nothing to do with the Metal before the group but I there was very opened. I listened of the rock but this was not that. This was mélodique, powerful, a lot of harmony and of beautiful colors – to this era, with the group. And I myself there felt well, then, "yes, this I do". Then yes, this dark side that influences my manner to write aujourd’hui is a part of me. And I do not want to undo some me, do you see?

METAL-INTEGRAL : This is also what participates in your creativity, I imagine…

Tarja TURUNEN : You know, I live in a really building very high, to Buenos Aires. This is a big city, noisy. When evenings arrive, that the sun goes to bed, I begin noticing the true colors of the other buildings. Every evening, I look at a new paint through my big panes. I like really this setting that is never the same. This is also a moment where the calm returns, all slowed and that calms me also. This is a moment to think about oneself, and this is a very good thing.

METAL-INTEGRAL : Let's speak now of the album. Victim Of Ritual, that opens the album, groups together according to me all that does TARJA. One there rediscovers classic, with the Boléro of Ravel, Metal, influences Hispanics... Do you consider this introductory song as a presentation of what you are?

Tarja TURUNEN : She represents a lot that I am. I love the theatrical aspects of a song. This is a true tournament to write a song as that one. It is necessary for me enormously time to find the classical piece that would open this song, to find this version of the Boléro. When at last this arrived, I was said: "Waoh, that can take me very far". There is so many energy, of mystery… THIS IS a great song to open this album. And this is the history of victims of a ritual. I saw so many people to live with a ritual that sometimes can be them harmful, but that do not arrive to itself to undo some. Maybe I have also a ritual, doubtless I must do something before a spectacle otherwise this will be a disaster. In reality, for that I feel confidence, I repeat myself. This became a habit, to repeat certain things.

METAL-INTEGRAL : 500 Letters is more directly rock, while Lucid Dreamer reminds me… indeed, this song frightens me. She evokes me a carnival party. I am as a child having misled its parents…

Tarja TURUNEN : Oh, my god!

METAL-INTEGRAL : : …And the night falls. I advance while looking at all these strange carousels, I hear this strange music; a little as Pinocchio just one before that it does not transform himself in donkey.

Tarja TURUNEN : This is so inspired to hear you to say that! This is exactly what I try to do, paint pictures. ..et this I do. I will love to have the possibility, a day, to write for the movie. I believe that that is me rather easy, because this I do in my songs. I work with a lot of people that work only on music of film, for Hollywood. Of course, they influence me. Lucid Dreamer is as a sort of sequenced dream, as I define it. The song transforms itself to go in another world. This is a dream. Or a nightmare, to the choice. I like to play with all these sounds, to separate them totally of the song. I will like to be able to be a lucid dreamer, to be able to check my dreams. Certain there reach. This is what inspired me. But how one can to check its worse nightmares? And my girl screams in this song. It is she who frightens you! (Laugh)

METAL-INTEGRAL : Mystic Voyage reminds me somewhat RUSH

Tarja TURUNEN : Interesting… I LIKE a lot this group, but again than RUSH, child, I listened a lot GENESIS. It is a song that I wrote several years ago, before What Lies Beneath. But she was not ready, and I put it aside, for that she ripens. She talks about my trip. As I said it for you, I so traveled… Now, I am impregnated of a very other culture, Argentina. It is a song that treats owing to to live in another culture. And also, I wanted to write words in Finnish, in English, in Spaniard. This is me, this I do aujourd’hui. Most of the time… THIS IS a beautiful song.

METAL-INTEGRAL : Deliverancereminds me James BOND. There is this theme that uniformly returns…

Tarja TURUNEN : James BOND was an influence, as on Deliverance, for example. I like the movie usually. But I like again more James BOND (laugh)

METAL-INTEGRAL : Which interpreter of James BOND do you prefer?

Tarja TURUNEN (as an evidence, with a wide one to smile, the crackling look and a voice all soft one) : Sean CONNERY.

METAL-INTEGRAL : Never Enough and Into The Sun had been presented to your public at the time of your last turned one, and to the fans on the CD/DVD Act 1. These songs have therefore written summers there already are some times…

Tarja TURUNEN : In fact, that climbs back up the moment I started the composition of this album, in fact. It was necessary two years and half to finish to write it. Never Enough… I wanted to have an energetic song for the concert, but I had the impression that Never Enough would not be ready for the turn. I wanted to have pleasure with the people, to present them a title of the future album. I needed to work again more over, at the level of the guitars. Alex did a huge work over, rendered even more aggressive them, to the picture of the paroles.Les fans will be can be shocked to listen the difference… A song is written, she already was played, then how one feels when one in discovery a radically changed version? It was difficult, but that brings freshness. A freshness that one needs to rediscover.

METAL-INTEGRAL : Colours In The Dark goes out in the month of August. I imagine that a new turned one is equally in preparation…

Tarja TURUNEN : Of course, she will begin in the month of October.

METAL-INTEGRAL : And that we do you reserve as surprises?

Tarja TURUNEN : I did not have enough time for some to discuss with my team, with the musicians, the same that before. I nickname them the Power group ! They lack me really all. I worked with Mike TERRANA the latter months…


Tarja TURUNEN (laugh) : Yes, the beast. But all lack me. I was rather alone in the production of this album. The guys recorded there already are some times and did not listen the final result some days ago scarcely. They reacted… "Oh, woman! What did you this song??? Oh, my God!" They are so happy with the result, it is unbelievable! Between the moment where they are recorded and the one where they are arranged, the songs radically change. I work over until all there is, the least detail. I add the colors afterwards. One starts up therefore in October by central Europe, two or three weeks, then we will do a pause. I have again a turn of Christmas at the end of the year, then one will resume the turn at the beginning of year. In in cash all the station wagons, she come to an end in 2015.

METAL-INTEGRAL : 2013 + 3…That means a new album for 2016

Tarja TURUNEN : Exactly! I already have again ready titles, besides!

METAL-INTEGRAL : With that would you dream to be able to work?

Tarja TURUNEN : This is an easy question… I said it and repeated since years already. I had never believed to be able to be able to resume a song of Mister Peter GABRIEL, which I did with Darkness. I love this artist and I admire his work. Work with him would be really to transform a dream in reality… A day, maybe…

METAL-INTEGRAL : I noticed that on your two last albums – Act1 and Colours In The Dark – the presence of upright lines linking up different points or letters. That does me to think about a spider canvas. Which is the meaning of these lines? Has one to understand that you try attract your fans in this spider canvas in order to eat them very swelling?

Tarja TURUNEN (bursting out laughing) : But do to what you think? ! ? No! I never saw the things under this angle…C' is really interesting to speak with you! You are very… imaginative! It is for that that I like to discuss with the people, have their return, their impressions. I work with the same designer since My Winter Storm. One has muri together with the time. These points and lines were present since some times. This is not evident for him for I do not leave him a lot of freedoms of action. I like the photo, and I love to look at strong pictures. In this direction, the designer does not have a lot of free fields with regards to theartwork. The lines are part of his world. And they will return doubtless…

I am anxious to thank Tarja for his kindness, his availability and his spontaneity- the whole opposite of a capricious diva - and Olivier GARNIER that returned this possible interview in any last minute!

Rediscover the chronicle of Colours In The Dark in our section... Chronic (astonishing, isn't that right?) and Good vacation to all!
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Alain The Friday, July 19, 2013
Excellente interview, même pour moi qui ne m'intéresse pas à cette chanteuse : bravo !
Comment by metalmp : Merci, Alain. J'essaie, lorsque je rencontre un(e) artiste, de sortir du cadre habituel et d'avoir une conversation plus que je ne cherche à faire une interview. Pas toujours facile, mais parfois on se poile bien aussi!
Rémifm The Thursday, July 18, 2013

City : Chambéry
Très belle interview, et pis c'est tout... Sous le charme le MP !!! Rémi(fm)
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