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Future Star
Style : Heavy Metal
Nationalité : Brésil 

Biographie :  Afin de ne pas trop compliquer la traduction nous vous proposons la version anglaise !

This Brazilian Band started in 2003, in Itajaí, Santa Catarina (SC), Southern of Brazil. It is formed by Lúcio Goebel (vocals), Ozéias Rodrigues (guitar) Marcello Oliveira (bass), Fernando Stopassoli (drums). Christmess plays a mix between Hard Rock/Traditional metal (melodic), with Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Dio and Racer X, influence. Christmess was released in 2005, an EP titled “Crossing the Seven Seas”, with five songs, including a cover of Joan Baez..s “Diamonds and Rust”. This album received excellent reviews from Brazilian and foreign press. They played in all major festivals of the southern of Brazil and shared stage with bands and musicians like Dr Sin, Orquidea Negra, Vlad V, Syndrome, Steel Warrior, Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Marcelo Moreira (Almah/Burning Hell) and Eduardo Ardanuy (Dr Sin). Nowadays it’s considered one of the best bands of Santa Catarina state in the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal style for the originality and musical quality. Also in 2005 Ozeias Rodrigues (guitar player) released his instrumental solo album titled “Mr Chuck”, projecting even more the group in the media. He is considered one of the best guitar players from the southern Brazil. He took part in Workshops and played with well known musicians. In 2009 the new work titled “Mystical Alien” with nine new tracks and a remake of the first work “Crossing the Seven Seas” was brougth to the market. The whole album was produced in Ozeias Rodrigues’s studio reaching a final result with a professional and excellent quality.

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Crossing the seven seas    

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