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Future Star
Style : Instrumental
Nationalité : France 

Biographie :  ARCAS is an Instrumental Progressive Folk Metal band, founded in Lyon in 2006, by two Friends:

Kevin VILLET (Bass, Drums, Percussions)
Un excellent musicien qui ne souhaite plus voir apparaître son nom dans cette présentation (guitares, banjo, mandoline, flûtes et claviers) (Guitars, Folk Instruments, Orchestrations)

We decided to create our own compositions and record them by ourselves.
One year later, during 2007 summer, we finished our first demo (6 tracks), mixing heavy and speed metal with Celtic/Traditional music, which enabled us to be more familiar with home-studio recording.
Then, we decided time had come to give our music a whole new dimension. Bringing it more and more eclecticism, we made it evolve to a kind of Progressive Folk Metal with symphonic influences.

At the same time, four new members joined in the band, allowing us to start working for live performances:

Guillaume GAPIN (Rhythm Guitars)
Quentin THOMAS (Keyboard)
Simon HEL (Violin)
Jeremy ALLISON (Drums)

We finally recorded a 12 track demo album called “A New Dawn” in October 2008.
The whole album can be downloaded for free from the website mininova. You can also listen to it in our music player.
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A new dawn    

Pétards de zeus !


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