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IRON MAIDEN - En vivo ! live at estadio nacional

Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  Year : 2012
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
21track(s) - 220minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : metalmp
Publishing date : 4/14/12
Always more extremely!
Let us be honest between us: S' can; to wait what, coming d'IRON MAIDEN nowadays? The rate/rhythm which the group imposes to us from now on almost became a ritual: a new album followed d' a new round, it even immortalized by a double CD, one DVD, which will follow new Best Of carefully elaborate… The routine, what…

Except that the routine, a group as IRON MAIDEN does not know what that wants to say. And although the English s' in take without shame with the door currency of their (very, very many) fans, they never balk to offer products d' remarkable and irreproachable quality.

En Vivo ! recalls the last round d'IRON MAIDEN, Final Frontier World Tour. Collected once again in South America (in Santiago, in Chile), new Eldorado of metal crowd is delirious about it, first DVD allows each one to live this concert d' exception which was given vis-a-vis more than 50.000 unchained spectators. The 17 titles proposed make the good share with The Final Frontier, d' where 5 pieces (more l' are extracted; introduction Satelite 15), which less leaves the place to steps than 12 traditional timeless. L' image is impeccable, IRON MAIDEN proposer several visual angles thanks to many incursions in "split screen" , technique made popular by series 24. As always, the formation justifies its statute and the public, in fury from beginning to end, returns to him well.

the true treasure from this DVD is however on the second disc. Documentary Behind The Beast, d' one d' duration; approximately 90' , all l' recalls; organization of this round. More still qu' with Flight 666, the public is plunged in the middle of each stage of this process regulated like music paper. Preparation of the Boeing 757, its transformation into " combi" in order to be able to transport, all around the world, people and material, her "relooking" outside on its return on April 19, 2011 to l' airport of Stansted, each one will be able to realize of the genuine machine of war qu' is a group of this scale. And of the work which a statute such as that can require qu' reached Steve HARRIS and its band. Nothing, absolutely nothing, n' is left randomly or with l' improvisation. Exhausting!

If l' one can reproach IRON MAIDEN for playing the chart of the facility by heating the dish of the "Ed Force One" already central object of Flight 666, one will be delighted, on the other hand of all these at sides which the English reserve to us. To enter l' cave of the animal is sufficiently rare so that each one can appreciate here with its right value the work of each member of this gigantic team, of the lighting engineers to the decorators, the originators of the scene to the organizers and managers, this second DVD is a true homage which pays IRON MAIDEN to any sound staff, heart of this documentary essential, staff of which more the former members follow the group since… 1979! Here finally documentary which shows in life size qu' a group, this n' is not that musicians, but indeed a team of professionals. Steve HARRIS, Dave MURRAY, Adrian SMITH, Jannick GERS, Bruce DICKINSON and Nicko McBRAIN, d' elsewhere, are particularly in withdrawal, putting truly ahead the essential side of their team, heart living of this film, essential component of the success d' a concert, and which often manages with the qu' means; one grants (discovery d' to him; elements d' scaffolding considered non-existent, electric room with l' opposed of what good sense and safety require, torrential rains…), but which sometimes is found, privileged witness, in the middle of sites d' a remarkable splendour…

did You like Flight 666? Jump on En Vivo!, you will adore… Better: that l' one is fan or not d'IRON MAIDEN, that l' one likes or not the planes, the seam, the voyages… this documentary is true must for any person who wishes to work in this field. ESSENTIAL, quite simply.
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cotok The Monday, April 30, 2012

City : Troyes
Du show , du son , du lourd , du bon ... du Maiden
MAIDEN26 The Saturday, April 28, 2012

City : Montélimar
j'ai adoré "en vivo" tant le dvd que le double cd MAIDEN ne lache rien !!! vraiment un groupe énormeUP THE IRONS !!!
Manu The Monday, April 23, 2012

City : Strasbourg
EN VIVO me plait. Il me rappelle le ROCK IN RIO avec une image, cette fois, beaucoup plus travaillée. Le public sud américain électrise la prestation et donne une énergie à l'ensemble. INDISPENSABLE !!!
Comment by metalmp : We are well d' agreement. To see and re-examine.
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