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APOCALYPTICA - 7th symphony

Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  CD - Year : 2010
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
10track(s) - 48minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : vyx
Publishing date : 9/13/10
Enough not tortured perhaps, too romantic surely
APOCALYPTICA is a group of Heavy Métalwith the rather unexpected style and whose characteristic is d' to have between the hands, not guitars or the low ones… but of the violoncellos!!! A mixture out of the commun run which gives for their last album, 7th Symphony, a string of sounds explosives. Qu' one is amateurs or not of classical music, it does not matter, he s' acts well there of Heavy Métal and not neither of Métal symphonic, nor of Traditional a little rate/rhythm… Although… The

violoncellos are exploited here with saturations or distortions of the sound which lead to the d' production; a its close relation of that d' a guitar or d' low. Damage however for this Finnish quartet, that the seventh album is synonymous with dichotomy (not to say d' heterogeneity). Although carried by fiveguest starsand not of least, l' together is very irregular and can possibly obstruct l' listener on standby of technical prowesses…

L' album s' open on a key of progressive projecting, constant and aggressive. A rather percussion introduction which finishes on a long calmer ballade, all contrasts about it with End Of Me which then makes it possibleGavin ROSSDALE( BUSH) to make assemble in power the piece however enough Rock. The following piece, Not Strong Enough , will like perhaps more with its more symphonic flights and the voice ofBrent SMITH( SHINEDOWN) clearer and intense.
In the same line, Broken Pieces offer withLacey STURM ( FLYLEAF ) l' opportunity d' to bring a key a little Popthanks to its voice, in a piece with the refrain involving but leaving the music to the plane second completely.

Beautiful breaks with the side titrates radio by its purified side due to a simply traditional music, without battery and melancholic person. A very pretty piece however.
more atmospheric, On The Rooftop With Quasimodo turns over to the influences of theProgressif. Sometimes accelerated, sometimes slow, l' emotion can gain l' listener thanks to l' together very melody also, well emphasized by the dominant violoncellos.

Far from the softness of these first pieces, Dave LOMBARDO, beater of SLAYER , ensures the power of the rate/rhythm of l' album. Piece 2010is effective and with heavinesses qu' one likes in the Heavy. In the same way, Bring Them To Light , carried by voice Death ofJoseph DUPLANTIER( GOJIRA) done one surprising cut in the calm and nostalgic rate/rhythm of the pieces which l' surround.

Sacra (just like Beautiful) represents with him only the note melancholic person somewhat tortured of l' album and will remain most interesting for me, from its clever side of the instruments put at contribution.
Side plus Heavy, I will keep also last titleRage Of Poseidon, structured very well, with the entêtant refrain giving an atmosphere of black magic near to that of the meetings d' esotericism…

In short, 7th Symphony n' enough is not tortured perhaps, too romantic surely, lack blackness and sometimes too little melancholic person for this Rockwho wants to be traditional more mainly.
Its disparities leave a taste of damage…
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