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VELVET REVOLVER - Live in houston

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  Year : 2004
Origin of the record : Bought
12track(s) - 78minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Author : Chouman
Publishing date : 3/7/11
oldies but goldies: a rock’n’roll celebration
We decided to make you discover (or Re to discover) the albums which marked one time and which appear important to us to include/understand l' evolution of our preferred style.
We will treat l' album by reinstating it in its original context (anecdotes, etc)…
a chronicle which wants to be 100% " passionnée" and " nostalgique" and which us l' let us hope, will make you react by the means of the comments! ......
Good voyage!

It is rare that a “supergroupe” meets a success as considerable as the formations of origin of its members. Without going until supporting that VELVET REVOLVER reached the same statute of icon of the hard rock as GUNS N’ ROSES , which sheltered three of its musicians before, the publication of their firstLPContrabandin 2004 was remarkably accomodated by the public. TheDVD Live in Houston , collected in 2005, recalls the promotional round of this album which rose as of its exit at the top ofcharts American.
the formation of VELVET REVOLVERis thus initiated by SLASH , bass player Duff MCKAGANand beaterMatt SORUM. The three former employees of Axl ROSE contact guitaristDave KUSHNER, ex- WASTED YOUTH, and adopt it immediately. As they evoke it through extracts of interviews being reproduced on the DVD, the search for a singer appears more delicate. The accomplices throw finally their reserved on Scott WEILAND, before leader of the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. This last then crosses an extremely difficult period, marked by many legal contentions as well as an unrestrained consumption of drugs which precipitated the end of STP, frequent abbreviation to indicate the group originating in San Diego. At the beginning of the show, WEILAND evokes this situation without turning, scratching with the passage “all the dumbs of the music business ” who believed impossible his back in favor. If it seems with difficulty to carry it out, the singer appears very happy, in particular when it indicates that its life truly found a direction since his/her new comrades contacted him. Thus it enjoint the public texan “to be released”, declaring “ This is a rock’n’roll celebration ” and even: “Are you prepared to take your clothes off and fuck ? ”.
Fort logically, Live in Houstonproposes a repertory almost completely devoted to excellent the Contraband. The pieces generally rest on the riffs powerful ones built out of tempos rapids, carried out by guitarists with the rather complementary styles, SLASH carrying out very melody plans lead on the rhythmic ones often transferred proposed by Dave KUSHNER. This guitarist seems to have made it possible VELVET REVOLVERto free itself from the sound of GUNS N’ ROSES . However titles as Illegal I more strongly point out the famous Gunners. The participation ofIzzy STRADLIN’ in the work of composition is undoubtedly not foreign there.
the rhythm section is frequently proposed, in particular in the intro of Sucker Train Blues where the set of Duff MCKAGAN and Matt SORUMdominates the mixclearly. This irrefutable fact takes part, jointly with their choruses, at the rise to power of the pieces, obvious in the sequence verse-bridge-refrain of Big Machine . In a general way, the refrains appear extremely percussion, with the image of the imparables Do It For the Kids which follows, as on the album, Sucker Train BluesandSet Me Free. The
individual Slither, which constitutes a title headlight of Live in Houston , proposes verses built on one riffparticularly Heavy, followed refrains which point out style Neo-metal . The tempo decrease then strongly and the rhythmic one is done heavy, a feeling still increased by the recourse to the tuning in “drop D”.
In addition to many tubes Hard-Rock , Live in Houstoncomprises the superb ballade Fall to Pieces, whose intro in arpeggios and plans lead, typical of the style of SLASH, return to titles headlights of PINK GUNS such as “Yesterdays”. The title profits in addition from a tearing interpretation ofScott WEILAND.
WEILAND is indeed as shown inspired as his/her comrades. If it does not have the overshrill voice of Axl ROSE , its undeniable power could contribute to attach STP to current Grunge to the beginning of its career. The refrain of the piece from opening, Sucker Train Blues, constitutes an outstanding performance of the singer. As for the resumptions of GUNS N’ ROSES , without which such a concert appears not easily conceivable, they agree rather well with its register. Thus its interpretation of It’s So Easy appears surprisingly close to the original version. He also manages to adapt Used to Love Her, out of whichSLASH revêt its legendary top hat.
Into true frontman, WEILAND demene, perched on the returns, making take part an enthusiastic public. It frequently uses a loud-hailer held in front of its microphone, creating a spectacular effect on more spoken worms sung. Its vestimentary style evokes the Hard-Rockresolutely, even the Glam-Rock : it carries a cap and raises broad tattooings. Logically, the singer appears particularly at ease on the two resumptions of STP , Crackerman and Sex Type Thing, one of the tubes of their first album Core, near to a standard of theGrunge.
Contraband is followed into 2007 from a new album, Libertad, rather appreciated criticism even if its orientation appears sometimes closer to register pop-rock . One can fear that it is about the end of the adventure of the group with Scott WEILAND- which was invited to leave the group in 2008 and was reformed STONE TEMPLE PILOTS , giving place to a disc left in 2010 - but VELVET REVOLVER does not leave the scene for as much.SLASH and his/her comrades indeed seek to continue the experiment, probably with a singer less famous than his predecessor.

Find the other chronicles of these " groups; Blow of Coeur" by using the search engine on the page of the chronicles (Bond " Chroniques" on the level of the menu). To scan for the words:Oldies but goldies .
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Axldobby The Tuesday, March 8, 2011

City : Bretagne
"Weiland a été invité à quitter le groupe" me semble plus juste :) Sympathique cette chronique de DVD ;)
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