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SAHARA RAIN - Eternity

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Received from the band
11track(s) - 47minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 4/15/11
With his first album gone out in 2008 and commented on in these pages, Sand In Your Hands, SAHARA RAIN, Swiss group showed its capacities has to deliver and write vouchers titles mélodiques.
Why to stop itself in so good way?
In 3 years, the group composed and recorded this new one and excellent entitled album Eternity.
rediscover Us the same team, therefore the same talents, the same inspiration and an album of superior quality to my heard exacting.
Ricci DOMENICO, to voice éraillée and sensual, Dave SILHANEK and Adrian HONEGGER to the guitars, Bo REBDSAMEN to the keyboards, Boet DEE HAAS to the low one and Levent SUNU to the fûts progressed in the common sense.
There where Sand In Your Hands lacked QUICKER tempo, Eternity answer key the pulls and accelerates its rhythmic ones.
And if on Sand In Your Hand, the paw of Michael BORMANN (the former BONFIRE and JADED HEART) did itself evident, Eternity drags themselves a little this impression and becomes a little more personal!
That says, I counsel anyway this album to the fans of the genius that is Michael BORMANN, the latter offer to the group an excellent title, Love Me Loud and mixes and produce perfectly the album!
Some solos of guitars come to punctuate the album, remarkable notably on the Love Me Loud, Starlight or again Live Earth.
I wonder why, with 2 guitarists groups it in proposes not more and longer but maybe is this a choice!
In any case, the album is very convincing and inspired, I loved for my party Heavy Times and his subtle piano, his guitar a little "sleazy" and his solo very DEEP PURPLE, Will I Ever Be presents themselves as a hit limits FM with his unstoppable refrain, Shout It Loud and Sarlight are also successes of this album, just as the 3 ballads, the fantastic Miss You, the more FM Dreams Die Young and the small one Appear of 2'54 Since You've Been Gone that clôt the album.
The 3 others entitle leave themselves well to slip with a preference for Holy Warriors and Live Earth.
The work of the choirs is cared for and the higher refrains in tonality bring a side FM delectable one!
Here SAHARA RAIN progresses for my bigger pleasure and his serious and inspired work incites me to invite you to throw more than an ear on this album!
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