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NEBULEYES - From earth to nebula

Style : Prog Heavy / Prog Metal / Prog Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2012
Origin of the record : Received from the band
5track(s) - 28minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Author : Ben
Publishing date : 2/23/12
A little more close to stars
Approximate translation of the review
Xavier BOSCHER(guitar, low, synthé and song), accompanied of his inseparable companion Benjamin MASSON (guitars) and of Mathias HALDGREN (battery) enrich again the consequent discography of their project NEBULEYES, with this time a EP 5 titles From Earth To Nebula. This one is available with the structure of Xavier,ORFEO'LAB, just as the entire, rich one and fertilizes creation of this tireless artist from Nice.

These 5 new compositions, Earth, Sky, Stratosphere, Hyperspace and Nebula, are a new time an invitation to a timeless interstellar trip, in a sky étoilé by beyond the milky way. Earth to Nébula ... The song is done rarer here, with the absence of the singermezzo contralto Drama ELFAMORTAamong others. The sung sequences, as on Stratosphère and Nebula, include a voice more or less typed Death in harmony with a voice clear, close of the Pop on the magnificent one and mélodique Hyperspace. The matter remains as for her subtly anchored in a Métal atmospheric one to the progressive finery, alternating mind-blowing passages more or less New Ageand muscular corridors, where the guitars and the rhythmic one divert towards aHeavy athletic one. The keyboards (synthé) although discreet are almost omnipresent and shooting of beautiful melodies ( Sky).

The music of Xavier BOSCHERis once more personal and performance. Without concession of no sort, this attaching musician track his way beyond the labels and clichés, with honesty and insight, remaining faithful to its convictions. And to the artistic bases that it has seal at the end of the years 90 withNEBULEYES . And afterward with its innumerable realizations!

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