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TRIXTER - New audio machine

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  MP3 - Year : 2012
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
11track(s) - 43minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Frontiers Records

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 4/12/12
Back winner!
And an income, a!
TRIXTER, American group born in 1983 in the New Jersey did not leave any track in my cdthèque. ..et of waves remember in my memory, I had a transmission "metal" of radio in the years 90!
I go back over the subject "Radio" lower!
Therefore, to summarize, TRIXTER delivered his first album eponym in 1990 after 7 years to foam the scenes with SKID ROW, POISON, SCORPIONS, WARRANT etc. (I read the biography of the joined group to this new opus!).
Then go out Hear ! in 1992 accompanied of a turn with among others KISS.
Undercovers, album of covers goes out in 1994 and the following year, the group puts an end to his career with a rather excellent list of awards even if the group did not mark the planet with a hit or album to the world-wide success as for example the others groups quoted higher!
The group is therefore in sleep and awakens in 2007 with, rare thing his line-up original one.
Line-up identical one for this new entitled offering New Audio Machine !
And this album rather is succeeded!
of course, again I am attempted to write, nothing new but when the music is good, let's not avoid our pleasure.
Here a beautiful fort album of Hard-Rock muscular, nervous and mélodique.
Some solos of guitars of Steve BROWN comings nicely cheer up the matter but generally speaking, it is the "song lines" that impose for the melody.
Peer LORAN is a tremendous singer, it takes care of the rhythmic guitar also and its riffs are inspired and hitting!
P. J. FARLEY, bass player and Mark "Gus" SCOOT, drummer assure a rhythmic solid Hard-Rock.
The choirs are perfect just as the mixage and the huge production (that pleases a similar work!).
Then, I found for example that Machine or again the hit Knowledge Your Soul rang a little to the manner ofACDC that would have done in the Hard-Rock typical one of the years 80' s to the WORE in the style glam !
Holds, exactly, Physical Attraction brings back me joyfully and totally in that period!
TRIXTER cheek also a Rock modern one to the American one with titles more light as Live For The Day or again Tattoes And Misery indeed the mid-tempo The Coolest Thing.
Of The radio titles to wish for the United States and other countries that give life to these artists! I do not speak for France but for the countries where the program planners of the radios know to do the difference between quality, respect of the listener and music hyper commercial!
it IS sure that a hit of REM or again MIDNIGHT OIL (2 groups that I appreciate and respects!) does not do to take any risk...
THIS IS the political radio of France, I deplore it!
Ah, French cold intolerance, I find it simply unbearable...
Here why besides I do not listen the French radios and that many people of my entourage, as me turn themselves towards the stations of the net one!
Here, parenthesis done, I love equally the title of opening of the album, the excellent Drag Me Down.
the whole remainder slips as "a letter to The Post" and I counsel you sharply this album!
Gone out April 20 2012!
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NOCTUS The Sunday, April 22, 2012

1) Analyse pertinente de Remifm sur la programamtion radiophonique française que je partage à 100%!!! 2) Très bonne surprise cet album de TRIXTER, groupe que je connaissais pas : Hard Rock mélodique très solide et divertissant. 3) Clairement la sortie la plus intéressante de Frontiers Records sur avril
Comment by Rémifm : Nothing to add… Thanx for the post!
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