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FELINE MELINDA - Morning dew

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2008
Origin of the record : Received from the band
11track(s) - 40minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
My Graveyard Productions

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 7/10/08
Feline and intuitive!
Approximate translation of the review
Go to start this column, some information on this group FELINE MELINDA.
This Italian and South Tyrolean was born in 1987 and created by IRBIZ Rob, singer and guitarist Andy andDe SANTIS, singer, bassist and keyboardist. The
is no longer part of the group and for this album we find with Andy, to Chris PLATZER sticks and percussion GSHNELL and on the bass.
The group, just released a prolific LP in 1988, The Felines Await Youin 1995 an EP CD, Living In Europe and in 2004 the album Feline Melinda.
I discovered this group with Morning Dew and must say they spent 40 minutes very enjoyable.
mixture FELINE MELINDA two worlds, the heavy-metal "melodico-fm" of Stratovarius, EDGUY, Freedom Call (Forever, Morning Dew) and the Hard-FM in the European style TREAT (Dangerzone).
And sometimes, these influences are mixed in one piece! (and Skydiver riff dive at BON JOVI in the middle of the title! Free Your Mind)
All the beautiful influences mingle with glee during 40 minutes of heartfelt musicality.
add to that a keyboard intro to start the album, a similar one in the middle of under Morning Dew and one or two songs with keyboards (the classic ride Woman Without Compromises) and securities more melodic hard-rock (If You Need Me, Turn Me On and excellent ride Love And Hate and climb half a ton on the last chorus).
The album ends with this Heart Of Stone to of the famous inspirations Knocking On Heaven's Door to Bob DYLAN.
words, welcome Robert GALLMETZER which comprised almost all on this album!
And since interpretation is intelligent and impeccable, a desire to press replay is felt at the end of the album!
The mixes and productions are at the height of the whole.
short, a good album, no surprises, but good and fresh (as its cover!) For the holidays!
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