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DEADLYSINS - Old school

Style : Thrash
Support :  CD - Year : 2008
Origin of the record : Received from the band
5track(s) - 22minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Author : Phil "KOB"
Publishing date : 1/2/09
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Approximate translation of the review
Formed in 2003 by five Lyonnais lovers Thrash Metal, DEADLYSINS sort enfin son EP Old School after multiple scenes shared with groups such as DEATH ANGEL or MUNICIPAL WASTE. As its name suggests, this disc offers five titles a genuine return to the old school metal U.S. and German, accompanied by beer and headbang party. From the first

under Cannibal Holocaust, the tone is set. DEADLYSINS is fast rhythms accented by a set speed, heavy catchy riffs supported by the double pedal and a song between and SODOMA Kreator, on the edge of Death.
This relatively simple formula is applied to each piece giving something really effective and comes inside. Some small guitar melodies are not neglected, and make really catchy titles like Soul Dreaming or small classical Brainstorm to unique riff rarely heard elsewhere. Note intro its pretty fun and also uncommon.

For the real strength of DEADLYSINS , his know-how to properly quantify its obvious influences of Old School Thrash with some slightly more modern and heavy. And

is largely due to this that this EP, despite its title and its very spirit to the old, differs greatly from other formations attempting this kind of backwards. In addition, the fun and crazy side of compositions shows a group that is not all there to take seriously, and that's missing from the new school!
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