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WHITE LIGHTNING - Dr meanberger's sinister plot

Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  Demo - Year : 2009
Origin of the record : Received from the band
3track(s) - 11minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Auto Production

Author : Raskal
Publishing date : 4/19/09
Electric storm!
Still a discovery Myspace which will enrich the list by the American groups which play of Heavy Métal 80 ' S truer than natural!

WHITE LIGHTNING could have left a EP in 1986 in self-production, and which today would be worth a fortune!
the sound of this CD is of time, the compositions also and the small pocket has all the vinyl spirit!

The Nefarious Dr Meanberger (after short a intro A Sinister Plot) begins this EP in a surprising way, because one would say of the HELLOWEEN time Wall Of Jericho !
In more Underground, with the US key Heavy Metal and a weak production, but good it is really original for an American group to take as a starting pointHELLOWEEN !
In any case for all in love Undergrounds and of the 80 ' S it will be very appreciated.

Comes then the best title, Wings of Hell, true a wonder US 80 ' S Heavy Metal! All is there!
the refrain, melodies and the solo! Cheer! I want others like that of them!

Fields of Gore remainder in the continuity of Wings of Hell, but remains a little more unmethodical. More rigour and especially a better production should make it possible for this reason to become excellent! The

members of WHITE LIGHTNING are very young, all the hopes are thus allowed for the future because the musical bases, the song and especially the inspiration are already there!

to follow closely! WHITE LIGHTNING it is really one of the pure groups of the Underground as I like them!

Style: Heavy Metal 80 ' S
Part Artistic: 4/5
Interest for the Fans of 80 ' S Heavy Metal: 5/5
Interest for the traditional Metal Fans in general: 3/5
RASKAL The French Warrior give: 18/20
RASKAL the Objective give: 16/20
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