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Live report :  MEGADETH and SLAYER live - European Slaughter Turn (Paris, the Zenith, March 26 2011) ( ZUUL FXSLAYERMEGADETH )
Publishing date : 3/30/11
Author : metalmp
Approximate translation of the file
All started with an invitation of Nous Production to come to take part in a press conference given within the framework of the promotion of the festival Sonisphere ofAmnéville which will be held on July 8 next. The passage of SLAYER and MEGADETH in Paris in this Saturday March 26, 2011 thus offered the occasion dreamed to kill two birds with one stone. Were thus joined together, around the representatives of Nous Prod and of the town ofAmnéville Dave MUSTAINE (MEGADETH), Tom ARAYA (SLAYER), Timo TOLKKI and Andre MATOS ( SYMPHONIA) and French Stéphane BURIEZ (LOUDBLAST) and Mouss (MASS HYSTERIA) in order to answer one hour lasting the questions of some 70 journalists (thank you for your Olivier patience! Mysteries of l' data processing…) If the first 20 minutes were devoted to the promotion of the site selected (strange idea to imagine hardos to go to play golf between two concerts…), we allowing to learn that the festival intends to attract this year from 35 to 55.0000 people, with the firm intention to lengthen its duration for its future editions, the continuation was naturally devoted to the play of the answers questions with the musicians. It is learned thus that it is possible that MEGADETH launches out in a new round to celebrate the 25 years of Peace Sells “but shorter”. So some, although legitimate, can appear absurd (“he wants to know if one gets along well” explains Dave , any smile, to Tom), others move this last, particularly when news of Jeff HANNEMANis asked for to him. “Approximately, you have chance that we are there” answers it the voice taken. Then, after having released the two high-speed motorboats of the moment, the place is let vacant to the four others, two French explaining their pride to be on this exceptional poster, Solomon, of Us Production explaining why it was impossible to consider Sonisphere without the presence of French groups like LOUDBLAST, GOJIRA or MASS HYSTERIA. And if LOUDBLAST share in round on about thirty dates in France before going to Canada and to Germany to support its new album (left on April 18), MASS finishes his by this date ofAmnéville. To say that the questions posed to SYMPHONIA were not that of courtesy is an euphemism, because the interest of the journalists for this group more than was actually limited. To 19:00 pétantes, Olivier GARNIER met a term with this rapid interview in order to release the place for the concert.

small fifteen minutes later, the thrasheurs of ZUUL FX invest the scene of one Zénith with the still sparse public and deliver an intense show there during large half an hour. Beautiful scene for this group not easy of access, with the song howled nearer to the Death than of another thing. Karim, the guitarist, having left in round, cannot live what will be certainly the largest Parisian date of the career of the tribe of Steve PETIT. The four are given thoroughly, the hurlor haranguant the public and informing him of its satisfaction to be present this evening. It well is included/understood… The show finishes in front of a floor a little more provided and which starts to swarm with impatience.

Setlist ZUUL FX : ?

It hardly passed 20:00 when the lights die out and that a clamour rises of one Zénith very filled whose scene is dominated by two struck eagles of the signature of SLAYER. I am not, by far, the largest fan of SLAYER, but each time I saw group live, the result was the same one: a sound whore of deflagration which on the spot sticks the public doubled of an environment of fire and an effectiveness without similar. And there, being given the wall of Marshall which faces the spectators, that is likely to be hot ebullient… As of its first piece, World Painted Blood, the message is clear: even without friend Jeff, SLAYER is there and gives its maximum, that in spite of that whose press was made the relay: it is indeed surprising to see Tom ARAYA quasi motionless, avoiding the least movement of too violent back and/or nape of the neck, in order to preserve its column. If it moves on scene, it is while going… Fortunately that Gary HOLT, come in effective reinforcement, and Kerry KING ensure and hold the public in breath, as well as the lights, superb. As of the second piece, this public is transformed into a kind of great flood of people whose wavelets which advance towards the scene are as many bodies which surfent on a forest of arms tended before being recovered by the maousses strapping men of safety, which know respite only the end of the set… The traditional ones ravel, and time passes at the rate of War Ensemble, The Antechrist, Season In The Abyss , stopped by a " nouveau" titrate, Americon. The unit is closed by memorable and imparable triptych made up of Raining Blood, Black Magic and Angel Of Death. One hour and fifteen minutes are past and SLAYER, which on other dates ensures the head of poster, leaves a public which sinks towards the toilets and the bars history to go back in condition for the continuation.

Setlist SLAYER : World Painted Blood, Hate Worldwide, War Ensemble, Postmortem, Temptation, Dead Skin Mask, Silent Scream, The Antechrist, Americon, Payback, Season In The Abyss, Snuff, South Of Heaven, Raining Blood, Black Magic, Angel Of Death.

Hardly more than two years ran out since the last passage of MEGADETH in this same Zénih, in opening of JUDAS PRIEST. And this evening, the opinions that I hear here and there are rather favorable so that Mega Dave and its band ensure the head of poster. It is 21:45 when the Zénith is replongé in the black. The low one resounds before Dave ELLEFSON, the historical bass player whose public acclaims the return, does not arrive discreetly on the front of the scene, followed by Chris BRODERICK which starts one Trust on which Dave MUSTAINE appears equipped with a superb double handle with the colors of fire. Without idle periods, MEGADETH attack My Darkest Hour which makes fly followed from traditional the Hangar 18. Then Dave MUSTAINE, the gracious one, launches out in a long discourse of a few second… one “ Good evening ! ” followed few other traditional words and courtesy. The reputation of MEGADETH , however, was built on the scenic effectiveness of the four and this evening, the group makes very pure confirm it. The last album goes back to it - End Game (2009) - is represented only by three pieces (How The Story Ends, Headcrusher and 1320). It is little, but better than certain albums on which MEGADETH fact the dead end. How could it be different with a discography as rich as that of the group? A broad place is granted to the great classics, among whom A Tout Le Monde. Dave MUSTAINE has only little effort to make to put the public at contribution, turning its micro towards the room which takes over with a happiness not pretends. Then the singer entone one “ Hello me, it’s me again ” indicator board from unhealthy the Sweating Bullets at the end of which the four leave the scene. A few minutes pass to the sound impatient feet which hammer ground and steps. When the few sounds of a symphony orchestra resound, MEGADETH cost with one Symphony Of Destruction which sees the public jumping in rate. The concert touches at its end with Peace Sells and essential the Holy Wars. MEGADETH then comes to greet this public conquered and with the angels before leaving the scene definitively.

Setlist MEGADETH : Trust, In My Darkest Hour, Hangar 18, Wake Up Dead, Poison Was The Cleans, Angry Again, How The story Ends, She Wolf, Headcrusher, 1320, A Tout Le Monde, Sweating Bullets. Recall: Symphony Of Destruction, Peace Sells, Holy Wars... The Punishement Due

If the public sets out again the smile with the lips, after a spectacle tops colors and succeeded, something seems to miss this evening so that the festival is total… Perhaps one Countdown To Extinction ? Perhaps the frustration of the lack of mobility of Tom ARAYA ? At all events, each group gave its maximum for a receptive public which, finally, seems ready to attend the concerts of Metalagain. The year started very extremely and will continue on this impetus.
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Raskal The Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quelle belle journée que tu as du vivre Marpa !!!! Merci de Live Report et ces magnifiques photos qui l'accompagnent ! Il n'y a pas à dire une belle affiche ça attire du monde, heureusement !
Comment by metalmp : Une journée Rock'N'Roll puisqu'à midi je ne savais toujours pas si je montais à Paris ou pas... Mais, bon, on va pas chipoter non plus...
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