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Live report :    BLACK RAIN + ALKEMYST 24/05/2008 in the roomEve (Grenoble France) ( ALKEMYSTLAST RITUALAUSPEXBLACKRAIN )
Publishing date : 6/29/08
Author : Hellfire Paco
This Saturday, May 24 gives us the opportunity to attend a concert promising since four groups of the Rhone Alpes are the poster with ALKEMYST and BLACKRAIN respectively viennnent who released a new album and Ep

These are the Chambéry LAST RITUAL of which open the way with their Heavy Rock and a nice intro to Bon Jovian influence both the visually and through music. Ensue then oiled composed by the quartet Savoy during their previous concerts Company and LEGENDSEA ofHELLIXXIRsuch. They retain their benefit the timbre of their remarkable singer and accessibility of their music even though the complex structures of some songs show a willingness to customize their influences.
AUSPEX is then heat a little more room with a fully mastered show from start to finish and know-how obvious. AUSPEX evolves into a haunting universe of its own that his music can live perfectly restored. The female voice gives an extra dimension to a sometimes Speed Metal style, sometimes progressive and sometimes Gothic. The group knows how to stage and prepare the public more and more to rise!
AlLKEMYST on the scene shortly after regaining his Italian singer Roberto MESSINA (SECRET SPHERE) newly arrived from the airport and thus not necessarily optimal preparation. However, the Annecy will reward us with a very professional show and succeeded! All was not yet a foregone conclusion as the complexity of their arrangements make perilous any attempt live, but samples carefully orchestrated to allow ALKEMYST to show the breadth of his talent. Musically very strong man, the discovery of new securities opus Through Painful Lanes is a real treat. Without denying the Speed of Heavy (all) debut, ALKEMYST developed its music while retaining the melodic, airy rock but its specificity. A performance so pleasurable, who appreciates the artistry evident in this group that deserves to be cited more often in a genre that tends to be lost!
Then around BLACKRAIN, apparently met by a large majority of the room ... waiting rewarded a show of incredible intensity that will eventually complete the neck of the regulars!
The group, should I say the Crew?? we balance a Metal Glam Rock dynamited by a performance style while extravaganza ... The clothing style is displayed and served in every Glam to the movement but gives a really impressive visual unity and to be honest, very professional. The songs are linked and lurks overheating when the group begins the under Innocent Rosie oh so catchy and sexy to wish! BLACKRAIN complete his delighted audience with the traditional Strip tease to Max 2 and a recovery of KISS! The atmosphere is
while the top and it said it is a shame that 4 groups of this quality have been there to play more assistance provided ... We can only recommend moving at all fans and metalheads of the region they will be surprised by the expertise displayed by the musicians of thought!
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Stu The Monday, June 30, 2008

City : Cognin (73)
Quel littéraire ce François, mouhaha ! C'était une soirée énorme, on espère tous les revoir bientôt !
Raskal The Monday, June 30, 2008

WELCOME Msieur Francois ! Super premier texte c'est comme si on y etait! A bientot !Bisous a KTIK
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