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GOLDEN RESURRECTION - Glory to my king

Style : Melodic Speed Metal
Support :  MP3 - Year : 2010
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
9track(s) - 38minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 10/20/10
Approximate translation of the review
Formed into 2008, GOLDEN RESURRECTION comes us from Sweden and s' articulate d' around; a fantastic singer, Christian LILJEGREN (ex-NARNIA, DIVINEFIRE, AUDIOVISON), of l' exceptional guitarist, clavierist (and choruses) Tommy JOHANSSON (REINXEED), of the talented clavierist (and choruses) Olov ANDERSSON (GRAND STAND & AUDIOVISION) and d' a rhythmic solid with Stefan KÄCK with low and Rickard (hips !) GUSTAFSSON (PANTOKRATOR) with the battery!
Brief, all this small world has already a beautiful experiment and is accompanied d' some Erik MÄRTENSSON, singer/guitarist of ECLIPSE (the last album is a must!) and of WET (superb album in 2009) and took part amongst other things in l' album of FIRST SIGNAL this year.
Erik worked with Christian on the song and the choruses (enormous that known as while passing!) and l' produces magnificiently mixed; album!
Side style, of melody to all the stages, tendency speed on all the titles except Never Look Back, Proud To Wear The Holy Cross and Gods Grand Hotel !
This album is quite simply fantastic and I advise it with the fans of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, STRATOVARIUS, NARNIA, EUROPE, CAIN'S OFFERING, the STRATOSPHERE
lines of song are superb, the technical guitars but too and especially very melody, the subtle and intelligent keyboards and the rhythmic one not leaded!
C' is clean, perhaps a hair too but god knows that this album is a source of immense pleasures! The
refrains are percussion and memorable with wish!
In the influences, I will add STRYPER for the melody side but also for the remarks very directed towards the faith, the religion!
the name of the group carries this religious tendency, GOLDEN RESURRECTION !
a flat comes all the same to slow down my passion, namely the duration of l' album!
38 minutes, taking into account quality, c' is really frustrating and some titles of more than this quality would have been the welcome, especially that l' album ends in one My Creation 47 seconds a little surprising!
Then Sirs, with such hits with melody, lengthen to us all that the next time!
However, better 37 minutes of this quality there than 60 to die d' is worth; trouble!
One of the very beautiful exits of this year 2010, the sky m' in is pilot!!!
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