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PRESTO BALLET - Invisible places

Style : Prog Heavy / Prog Metal / Prog Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Bought
7track(s) - 61minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Body Of Work

Author : Alain
Publishing date : 7/26/11
Tradition d' excellence
Approximate translation of the review
Invisible Placesis already the third album of PRESTO BALLET , group of Heavy Metalprogressive founded by Kurt VANDERHOOF , guitarist whom one will never thank enough to have founded METAL CHURCH in the Eighties. Following the example its predecessors, Invisible Places is located apart from the modes of the moment since Kurt VANDERHOOFtrace more than ever a progressive furrow with équidistance of the Rock race at the KANSAS and Heavy Metal traditional such as practised it IRON MAIDENat the time ofPiece Of Mind. The

sharp-edged and melody guitars of VANDERHOOF launch out to the perpetual continuation of the keyboards virevoletants of Kerry SHACKLETT , both batifolant during rather long pieces (only one five minutes, four between seven and eight minutes and two in the neighbourhoods of twelve), rich in multiple sequences while preserving a logical and melody framework. New singer Ronny MUNROEconstitutes an interesting recruit in this that its stamp rather often evokes that of Bruce DICKINSON, conferring a keyMetal and epic.

Only reproaches to be formulated againstInvisible Places : the production which, although clear and of quality, would have gained to be more powerful; the not very inciting small pocket and not carried out very well. If not, the listening of this album gets an amazing pleasure.
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Raskal The Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Il me parait important de préciser que Ronny MUNROE a été chanteur de METAL CHURCH à partir de 2004 jusqu'au split du groupe en 2009. Il a fait un micro passage également chez...LILIAN AXE et a sorti il y a peu un album solo en 2009 The Fire Within (qui devrait plaire aux fans de METAL CHURCH, pas indispensable mais sympa).
Axldobby The Tuesday, July 26, 2011

City : Bretagne
Je n'ai entendu que du bon sur cet album. Alain a l'air de le confirmer ! :)
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