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YES - In the present - live from lyon

Style : Prog Heavy / Prog Metal / Prog Rock
Support :  2CD - Year : 2011
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
14track(s) - 133minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Frontiers Records

Author : Ben
Publishing date : 11/27/11
Any musical current generates mythical groups, becoming with the passing of the time of the undisputed and undisputable references. The current Rock Progressif, often disparaged by an intransigent press, confining to the better this style to a nebulous space reserved to some utopian enlightened people intellectuals testing a certain pleasure to itself masturber the entrails of the head (I read it!) does not escape this report, although certain in think, some say and the manuscripts!

YES, English group, formed at the end of the years 60 by Jon ANDERSON (song) and Chris SQUIRE (bass player), rejoined by Peter BANKS (guitars), Tony KAYE (keyboards) and Bill BRUFFORD (battery) is the one of these legendary formations (alongside the KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD, GENESIS, CAMEL, ELP, ANGE...), not hesitating to melt in its compositions the Jazz and the Classic with a Pop Englishwomen, the body increased of a certain creative experimentation when all is said and done Mélodique, never sinking in an artistic disparity inaudible,contemplative and dry. YES has well good influenced évidement number of groups during his long career. Career punctuated by a certain instability of the embarked personnel: quick departure of BANKS substitute by Steve HOWE, then KAYE yielding his post to Rick WAKEMAN (the yielding to Patrick MORAZ the time of a handful of years, to rejoin again groups it), then BRUFFORD yielding one his to Alan WHITE... Join themselves to the group in the years 80 Trevor HORN and Geoff DOWNES (all 2 musicians of the BUGGLES having given birth the essential one hit Video Killed The Radio Star), but also Trevor RABBIN, Billy SHERWOOD, Igor KHOROSHEV...
But also and especially sprinkled of a rich discography (often rewarded by platinum discs, of now etc. ..), not always of equal quality for the music-loving ones, but that remains nevertheless a must in the kind: Yes (1969), Time And A World (1970), The Yes Album (1971), Fragile (1972, that sees the beginning of a long collaboration with the artist Roger DEAN, author of the characteristic envelopes of the albums of the group) then the same year the monumental Close To The Edge, Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973), Relayer (1974), Tormato (1978), Drama (1980), 90125 (1983 and his radio Pop hit Owner Of A Lonely Heart), Big Generator (1987), Union (1991), Talk (1994), the essential compilation (2 volumes) Keys To Ascension (1998), The Ladder (1999), Magnification (2001) and the all Last album studio, 10 years after the preceding one, Fly From Here (2011) (non exhaustive list!). Many live also were put to bed on vinyls and cds.

of which the last one in date, In The Present - Live From Lyon, available some months after the last album studio. Obtained to Lyon (as his title the indicates!) the 1st December 2009 to the Bourse du Travail, this live present "the old ones" : the indétrônable Chris SQUIRE (low), Steve HOWE (guitars), Alan WHITE (battery), accompanied of 2 "young" : Oliver WAKEMAN (son of Rick WAKEMAN, that it replaces... you follow me!) to the keyboards and the Quebec singer Benoît DAVID, substitute (since 2008) Jon ANDERSON, excused for disease and tires. His stamp of voice and his maniérisme is to be come close to the one of Jon, itself accommodating of this subtle capacity to sing high in the sharp ones. Sometimes disrupting this mimicry!
The 14 compositions of this double live, of a length approaching the 2 hours 15, are especially coming from the first albums (of Time And A World to Tormato) : Astral Traveller, I've Seen All Good People, Yours Is No Disgrace, Southside Of The Sky, Heart Of The Sunrise, Roudabout, the inevitable Starship Trooper, Siberian Kathru, And You And I, Onward, then Tempus Fugit, Machine Messiah and the inevitable Owner Of A Lonely Heart (of Drama to 90125). Corkscrew is interpreted in solo, acoustic version, by HOWE. As for WHITE, it has him also right to his battery solo on Astral Traveller.
And blessed tonight there the of lyons public! The benefit of the quintet is excellent (as the sound of this live), a lot of liveliness and gives to understand a YES in big form, his music and his of long ago rediscovered audacities. The experience and the quality of the musicians (that my faith no longer have nothing to prove!) induce us in of long instrumental beaches, criss-crossed by the song of DAVID, supported by the choirs of SQUIRE and HOWE. The canons of the Rock Progressif some here are revered!
This double live is available accompanied of a dvd of a length neighboring the hour, where you there will be able to hear interviews of the group, as well as 2 titles live: Roudabout and Machine Messiah. Only the European continent will be able have access to an exit 3 LP vinyl.
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