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Style : Hard Rock
Support :  MP3 - Year : 2012
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
13track(s) - 49minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Lion Music

Author : Chouman
Publishing date : 3/23/12
Sulfurous activity…
To the go out of his first démo, in 1991, the group that will become HOUSE OF SHAKIRA does not possess curiously any name. Founded the same year to Stockholm, it adopts initially the surname THE STATION, but there must renounce after the Swedish label The Record Station estimated it too close of his. A German magazine, that does not dry up any praises on the formation, launches then a destined competition to baptize it. An English reader proposes HOUSE OF SHAKIRA, name inspired by a clothing shop, that exercises under this cover an activity well more sulfureuse. It is a matter in fact of one… pass house! Although it is some, the musicians succeed in create enthusiasm: Lint, appeared in 1997, is acclaimed by the European press. The later productions of the group sit definitively a flattering reputation.

HOUSE OF SHAKIRA income in 2012 with a line-up deeply modified, since, members founding, only the guitarists Mats HALLSTENSSON and Anders LUNDSTRÖM continue the adventure. The rhythmic section left under of other skies: Per SCHELANDER (low) and Tony ANDERSSON (battery) respectively are replaced by Basse BLYBERG and Martin LARSSON. Nevertheless, the change more notable concerns the singer, Andreas NOVAK succeeding Andreas EKLUND. The sessions of the new opus begin to the summer 2010, and behave certain due bases to SCHELANDER. Enriched with the words and melodies proposed by NOVAK, the sixth album of the Swedish one entitles itself HoS.

initially, it is tempting to classify the group among the outlaws of the Hard Rock. HoS releases an energy and an undeniable powers. One there meets of the riffs nervous one - Midnight Hunger constituent one in the matter a model – that could do to pass the group for emulators ofAC/DC or ROSE TATTOO. Moreover, the title of supposed opening to give the tone of the album, Brick Wall Falling, not does it register itself in a tendency neighbors?

Enough quickly nevertheless, a feeling Hard FM bursts, for not more to leave the album. After Carry My Load, that in constitutes the first demonstration, it suits to quote Fractions Of Love or All Aboard!, each of these titles itself imposing by melodies catchy and refrains endow with unstoppable choirs. The group truly excels in this register, where the voice ofAndreas NOVAK does wonder.

Far to reduce itself to a énième formation Hard Rock, HOUSE OF SHAKIRA does thus to be worth his originality. The musicians realize a skillful synthesis of the two characteristic tendencies of their style. By its stretched verses, follow by refrains well lighter, Endless Night some brings an illustration. In addition, the group incorporates sometimes special moods, notably on Zodiac Maniac that exhales an eastern perfume.

One will underline at last the consistency and the big quality of the tracklisting of HoS, that offers besides pleasant ballads, What Goes Around… and especially Lost In Transition, marked by a tearing solo. The Swedish one had evoked their desire to realize the better album of their career. If it can appear premature to pull such a conclusion, do not hesitate to push the door of HOUSE OF SHAKIRA, a strong establishment well held!
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