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Shot date :  6/27/11
Place :  Paris Bercy
Photographer :  Metalmp
Publishing date : 6/29/11
Category : Concert
When I arrive on the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy at the neighbourhoods of 17:00, it is to discover that the public is stretched already on nearly one kilometer, that and supervised there by an security agent so d' to avoid d' non-existent overflows. It we will need, with my son who saw this evening his first Maidenesque experiment, to have patience there, under a blazing sun, until finally the doors open. After having trampled approximately a half hour, the file starts to advance, quietly. Wisely, even. In less than one hour, we are inside and we direct towards the first part of the pit in order to attend of close the spectacle. Spectacle which begins with Ola good child in one POPB which fills quickly.

It is 19:30 when the English of RISE TO REMAIN go up on the boards. I take fear by intending the singer to push a wild howl and says to me that one will be entitled to large Death bourrin. Failure. Or almost, because RISE TO REMAIN wants to be more subtle. The group seems as much influenced by Heavy Rock traditional and melody that by Hard Core punkisant the most virulent which is. The musicians want some and démènent themselves, the singer showing a beautiful control of its body, passing with a remarkable ease of the above mentioned howls to a clear and very harmonious song. The result becomes about it surprising and, quickly, I wonder where these guy want to take us along. I do not hang, and include/understand not to be the only one seeing the public remaining of marble. When the singer invites the public to jump on the intro of Those Who Die (I believe that it is its title), the soufflé falls down also quickly. Thirty minutes of show which will not mark the history of the first parts ofIRON MAIDEN. It is far time from the distinguished guests like HELLOWEEN, TRUST, ANTHRAX or MOTLEY CRUE. Did the business pass by there? The group forever have to fear anybody into live, then why this choice? The public of MAIDEN being particularly difficult, it passes quickly to another thing (to the bar, mainly. If, if, I were there too!), and trépigne of impatience.

the interval is particularly short. When the first measurements of Doctor, Doctor ofUFOresound, the experts give their opinions. A member of the staff of the iron virgin comes to withdraw a fabric on part of the decoration, taking his time and haranguant the public which starts to howl its impatience. He is 20:30 pétantes when Bercy is found plunged in the black, and that metal and mechanical rates/rhythms invade space, accompanied by, on each side of the scene a video space, while the scene - representing a platform of spaceship - lights flashes and gyrophares bright red. Satellite 15… The Final Frontier opens this concert and the group appears, as with its practice, with the signal of its form, on bottom of starry sky. Dave MURRAY and Adrian SMITH are any smile, Janick GERS so voluble remainder, Steve HARRIS surveys the scene in any direction while Bruce DICKINSON mare everywhere. Only Nicko MCBRAIN invisible remainder, funker behind his bulky kit of battery. IRON MAIDEN is this evening there to defend its last album, The Final Frontier, and it is quite naturally that the six continue with first single of l' album, El Dorado, and a first backdrop. The bottom of scene will change regularly, always with the service of the songs suggested.

the first traditional one Arrives then, and the public explodes as of the first notes of 2 Minutes To Midnight, 18.000 throats singing in chorus and as much arm punctuating in rate/rhythm the refrain. A ritual that inlassablement the public will repeat throughout these two hours of show.

Introduced by a dry guitar, The Talisman, on marine resources unchained, offers a few moments of respite before to go up in power for the greatest pleasure of the public. A light moment of undulation settled, undoubtedly had with this long introductory part, but the group quickly takes again the top not to raise the foot more.

Bruce DICKINSON speaks then, in French, like always, to announce thatEMI France has just given to the group a Gold disc rewarding the sales for The Final Frontier, but also to reconsider this extraordinary experiment which was the preceding round.

Arrives then Coming Home, effective and sober, followed more exuberant Dance Of Death and its Slavic particularly involving and effective rates/rhythms on scene. DICKINSON disappears then, while the four guitarists strategically place in square at the public front it to attack The Trooper. The singer reappears at the bottom of the scene, vêtu of a red jacket and holding up the English standard, continuing his sabotage while going to seek the public in any corner of this scene which could seem too narrow for him… The Wicker Man takes the continuation before Bruce does not launch out in a long discourse explaining what became IRON MAIDENtoday, touching all the nations of the world. Speech pretexts to introduce Blood Brothers, that one follows When The Wild Wind Blows whose words and backdrop are particularly of topicality taking into consideration event, in particular nuclear, which continues to meurtrir Japan.

With The Evil That Men Do, I realize of a thing, last unperceived: Steve HARRIS seems to me less to jump that it did not do it before. But the bass player did not see himself yet intimating the order to remain motionless. He runs everywhere, change sometimes, and grapeshot often the public of his instrument. Then astonishing Eddie appears: fat like a pig, a little curved back, continuing to be caught slaps on behalf of Janick GERS, it decides this time to play of the guitar… If the old versions of Eddie do not have anything to fear, this one has the merit to bring a side fun to this group so often décrié, group which gathers today three generations of fans, and who became a true institution of the Rock.

Fear Of The Dark advertisement the beginning of the end. The public stresses and howls its approval, and concluded its set with essential the Iron Maiden groups it on which Eddie more terrifying comes narguer the 18.000 people present before the group does not leave the scene the space of a few minutes.

When IRON MAIDEN cost, it is accompanied by jets of smoke and a horned monster which raises decoration whereas a cavernous voice resounds. The Number Of The Beast, since it is of him that it acts, is followed mythical Hallowed Be Thy Name. The public always in voice, accompanies the group and answers the finger and the eye with the requests of one DICKINSON always also active. Running Free, finally, comes to put a final point at remarkable a two hours service, whereas the singer presents each musician, plays with its bonnet soaked of sweat (which idea also to preserve its wool hat whereas the temperature reaches historical records as well inside as outside) before sending it in the public.

Before leaving, each one comes to greet the fans, and, such vulgar frisbee, Nicko sends its traditional skins of battery in the public. One of it, being caught for a boomerang, half fact turn and comes to be crushed with the feet of Steve HARRIS about to leave the scene!

With its long discography like the arm, the task is done increasingly difficult for IRON MAIDEN to choose a setlist which can satisfy everyone. Impossible to pick in each one of its albums, or to play l' together of its successes. Because in this case, it would be necessary that the concerts last four hours! The English managed to establish an effective setlist and again showed, with which brilliance, who they remain, mor
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MAIDEN26 The Saturday, April 28, 2012

City : Montélimar
8ieme concert de MAIDEN pour moi!! que du bonheur !! très bon live report, bravo pour les photos !!!!UP THE IRONS !!!
fanst The Wednesday, August 3, 2011

City : Aix
Ton livereport est très fidèle à la soirée puisque j'y étais aussi et avec mon fiston aussi . Alors tout à fait d'accord avec toi ,Rise to remain nous a cassé les oreilles . Pénible mais heureusement très court . J'en ai profité pour aller boire une bière ,payer le T-Shirt à ma descendance et moi le bonnet . Mortel ce bonnet . Austin Dickinson , le chanteur de Rise to remain , n'est autre que le fils du père . Voilà surement une explication au comment , du peut être du pourquoi ... Rien d'inoubliable . Il ferait mieux d'aller vendre du poisson . Ce concert de Maiden , je lui mets 9/10 . C'est donc un très bon cru . Un bon son globalement , une super scène , des jeux de lumières toujours au top une set list presque parfaite ...Il reste cependant derrière les concerts de 84 , 86 et 88 où la programmation des 1ères parties ressemblaient à quelque chose et où le groupe prenait plus de liberté dans l'interprétation des morceaux et dans le déroulement du concert... J'ai donc 3 petits regrets. J'ai été déçu qu'ils ne jouent pas l'intro en live !!! On a eu droit au 4 premières minutes du CD avec des stroboscopes . Dommage . The Wicker Man est le point faible de la set list . Pas trop compris . Un Murders in the rue morgue ou un Man on the edge auraient eu plus de gueule . C'est juste mon humble avis . When the wild wind blows ne m'a pas trop convaincu non plus . J'aurais préféré Isle of Avallon ou Starblind s'il fallait en choisir une du dernier album . Enfin j'aurais aimé un dernier rappel où ils auraient fait un dernier monumental Sanctuary de 10mn qui aurait tout arraché sur son passage... Mais bon , ils commencent à être un peu vieux , et la tournée est longue . Je comprends . Enfin bref , c'était un super concert . On s'est régalé .C'est vraiment le meilleur groupe du monde . @metalamp: je pense qu'il va falloir attendre un peu plus que 3 ans pour les revoir si , par bonheur , ils enregistraient un 16ème album. @maidenprecision: Harris a changé de basse pendant le concert ? ça c'est un scoop. merci les photos ++
Comment by metalmp : Eh, oui, le public de Maiden s'étale aujourd'hui sur plusieurs générations. Tant qu'on n'a pas à attendre 8 ans, comme d'autres... Mais je pense pouvoir dire que la prochaine fois, j'irai de mon côté, mon fils voudra certainement en profiter avec ses potes !
Rémifm The Thursday, June 30, 2011

City : Chambéry
Super live report... J'ai vu il y a longtemps le groupe à Annecy et c'était magique !!! Comme cette nouvelle soirée à Paris ! Merci pour ce bon moment de lecture et de belles photos !
Comment by metalmp : Ce n'est pas la première fois que je les vois, loin de là, et je n'ai été déçu que sur la tournée AMOLAD. Pour le reste, MAIDEN a été et restera mon groupe favori live. Même si cette année a été particulièrement riche...
Raskal The Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steve HARRIS supporter une autre équipe que WEST HAM ???? Impossible ! Aucun anglais ne change d'équipe au fil du temps, on aime c'est pour la vie ! D'ailleurs il y a bien le sticker sur la basse et les "bracelet en mousse" sont bien aux couleurs des Hammers ! Pour le reste ben bravo pour ces photos et on attend le compte rendu avec impatience !!!
maidenprecision The Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City : Bouchain
steve harris aurait il changer de basse ? et en plus de sa pdt le concert 0.o' comme on peu le constater sur cette photo, et comme je l'avais deja constater ici, le "fender précision" n’apparaît pas sur le manche : http://www.metal-integral.com/commun/images/galeries/galerie2824/gal2824-011601.jpg;jsessionid=4CAFA9B7C7EBD335C1F8A2D3761AAC61 or quelque photo plus loin, dans le méme concert l'écriture apparait : http://www.metal-integral.com/commun/images/galeries/galerie2824/gal2824-011618.jpg;jsessionid=4CAFA9B7C7EBD335C1F8A2D3761AAC61 je l'ai vue pdt le concert aussi mais j'ai cru que c t moi dans l'euphorie qui avais bugué, si quelqu'un a des infos la tsu sa m’intéresse merci =) et l'insigne du club de foot change aussi ainsi que les traits autour de la basse =)
Comment by metalmp : Euh... bonne vision que la tienne, mais le langage SMS chez Metal Intégral, on a du mal... Ceci étant, Steve HARRIS est resté fidèle à Fender et possède, je pense, plusieurs basses. Toutes ont-elles l'écusson de West Ham???
Tu auras également remarqué que le bassiste a changé de tenue vestimentaire: lui qui depuis quelques temps ne montait sur scène que vétu d'un maillot de foot de l'équipe Maiden, il a exhibé un simple TShirt sur leque est écrit "Space". Souhaites-tu également des précisions sur sa garde robe nouvelle? ^_^
whoyouare The Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City : Rhône-Alpes
De beaux souvenirs , effectivement un vrai sauna ce Bercy le 27 ;
Comment by metalmp : et à l'extérieur, il ne faisait pas plus frais, même après le concert. Mais ça en valait le coup. SCREAM FOR ME BERCY !
Nico The Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City : Lyon
Super !
Comment by metalmp : Comme le concert! Merci
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