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LED ZEPPELIN - Led zeppelin 2

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  CD - Year : 1969
Origin of the record : Bought
9track(s) - 41minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Atlantic Records

Author : Chouman
Publishing date : 7/22/11
oldies but goldies : l' advent of the hard rock
decided Us to do you to discover (or re to discover) the albums that marked an era and that we appear important to understand the favorite evolution of our style.
will treat Us album while reintegrating it in his original context (anecdotes, etc. )...
A chronicle that wants itself 100% "fascinated" and "nostalgic" and that we hope it, you will do to react by the bias of the commentaries! .....
Vouchers travels!

The publication by Atlantic of the first album eponym of LED ZEPPELINJanuary 12 1969 gives rise to various and fascinated reactions. Many critics consider that the album marks the advent of a new musical kind, the Hard Rock , of which the Dirigible constitutes with a formation as DEEP PURPLE the one of the forerunners. Nevertheless, certain voices object to the group, critical the violence of the riffssaturated and the sexisme of the words. Jimmy PAGE , already guitarist very visible since the beginning of the sixties thanks to the innumerable meetings that it realized for leading groups of the era, for his part is disparaged for his tendency to not to unveil its sources. The epic one Dazed and Confuzedconstitutes for example an almost copies of a piece of the same name composed byJake HOLMES , not credited on the disc.

Led Zeppelin II appears the same year that his predecessor, October 22 1969. It knows a considerable commercial success, allowing itself to evict the mythical one Abbey Road of the BEATLESof the first place of American classifications. Nine years later, it is twelve certified times platinum. Carried by a simple destructive one, Whole Lotta Love ,Led Zeppelin IIbecomes the true first classic of a group of which all the musicians distinguish themselves by their virtuosity.

The new opus resumes the characteristics that assured the success of the preceding one. Jimmy PAGE shows thus a new time his capacity to create of the riffs powerful and effective ones. This tendency is illustrated by Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman) or Bring It On Home that, following a motive of insane guitar, evolves of a register Blues classics to theHard Rock the wildest one.

Led Zeppelin IIintroduces the one of the big standard one group, Whole Lotta Love , that figures among the founding tubes of the Heavy Metal alongside the Paranoidof BLACK SABBATH . Beginning on a current riff furious one, it includes an indescribable one breakinstrumental one that takes sometimes paces of cacophony. This party is followed by a superb solo constructs on the ranges of Blues, typical of the style of Jimmy PAGE . Nevertheless Whole Lotta Love inspires themselves very strongly of You Need Love of which the author, thebluesman Willie DIXON , this time is credited on the disc. This tendency to the plagiat will attract to LED ZEPPELINthe lightnings of the famous writer Charles Shaar MURRAY . The comparison between the version of origin of You Need Love recorded one in 1963 by Muddy WATERS and Whole Lotta Love will inspire him thus these matters, held in his book on Jimi HENDRIX: "The first one operates as an enticement [...], the overall effect is intimist, relaxed and sexual bougrement.LED ZEPPELIN, side issue, does to think a collective rape of the age thermonucléaire.".

The titles to dominating acoustics constitute another facet of the talent of the group, as the following album, Led Zeppelin III , will reveal it more widely again. The verses of Ramble Onbehave thus of rhythmic remarkable ones played guitar Folk . Same manner, the principal party of the superb one Thank Youis supported by an acoustic track. The words of this title, the one of the most soft composites by LED ZEPPELIN, unveil a romanticism that one did not know hardly toRobert PLANT, that treats more often of its relations with the women in raw terms.

at last the roots Bluesof the group, been born on the ashes of the YARDBIRDS , appear uniformly, to the means notably of Bring It On Home that opens on a gate agreed extremely classical. Other memorable title, The Lemon Song to the allusions one no longer can salaces - « Squeeze me, babe, 'till the juice runs down my leg. »- comes close to itself theHard Blues.

If Jimmy PAGE cheek a considerable role on all the album, intervening as composer and producer, its friends shine not less. The rhythmic section composite of the bass player and organiste John Paul JONES and of the regretted drummer John « Bonzo » BONHAMconstitutes the one of the more remarkable ones of the history of the Rock. The latter watch thus the power of his strike through the long solo of the instrumental one Moby Dick. As for Robert PLANT, it realizes throughout the disc of true vocal prowess, yelling very sharp lines of song often, to the picture of the refrain ofHeartbreaker .

LED ZEPPELINwill know an exceptional success during a punctuated career of albums of which two at least deserve completely the qualifier of essential one. In 1971 appears a disc of which the not consisting of envelope or title, or name of artist: sometimes nicknamed Four Symbols , Led Zeppelin IV content many major titles to the first row of which ones figure Rock And Rolland well evidently the immense Stairway To Heaven , bravery piece stretching itself on eight minutes. Four years later, LED ZEP sign the superb double album Physical Graffiti that it is well difficult to reduce to some titles, even if Kashmirbenefits from impact more important. In 1980, the disappearance subite of John BONHAM, that had absorbed some two liters ofvodka , will put unfortunately a term to the career of this formation to considerable influence. More than thirty years after, the myth remains nevertheless intact, as some testifies the enthusiasm that preceded their extraordinary show to the O2 Arena in 2007, to the course of whichJason BONHAMoccupied the left place vacant by his illustrates father.

Rediscover the chronic others of these groups "Blow of Heart" while using the search engine on the page of the chronicles (Link "Chronic" at the level of the menu). Look for the words: Oldies goal goldies.
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Rémifm The Friday, July 22, 2011

City : Chambéry
Tout est dit, et bien dit ! Tout est écrit, et bien écrit !!! Merci Chouman !
Comment by Chouman : Thank you for the compliment! J' took pleasure to pay this small homage to the large ZEP
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