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HYDROGYN - Private sessions

Style : Hard Rock
Support :  MP3 - Year : 2012
Origin of the record : Received from the Label
12track(s) - 45minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :
Rapid Fire Entertainment

Author : Rémifm
Publishing date : 4/15/12
I cannot write…
Approximate translation of the review
I cannot write only HYDROGYN, American group dissociates myself by his originality, not.
I cannot write either that its albums left since 2004 mark the spirits and make the joy of the chroniclers (euses).
I cannot write that this new effort will make returned HYDROGYN with the Pantheon groups having marked l' history of the Hard-Rock.
However, HYDROGYN has assets, well beyond the superb physics of its singer.
the beautiful one has a super grain of voice but like always, a superb voice can magnifier only if the compositions allow it.
This n' is not the case!
the production is excellent, the mixing is good but, listening after listening, I do not feel large thing with each reading of these compositions.
I wonder, for m' to be annoyed on the preceding albums if that there does not show some signs of progress all the same!
But good, with its atours of Hard-Rock /a little modern Métal which would like per moment to reproduce the music of EVANESCENCE, HYDROGYN lines up in the groups of League 2 (footballistic metaphor).
a French song comes to slip in end d' album, rather not badly but without much originality.
Brief, if you are ultimate fans of the group, you will be delighted (E) S of this new offering, and with l' opposite, if the preceding albums left you cold, I do not believe that there will heat you spring…
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